Meagan Good Racks’em Up

Meagan Good Exposed Breasts Actress Meagan Good is really racking them up. Besides starring in and producing Sunday’s In Fort Green, the sista has also finished work on the thriller One Missed Call and is now rumored to be starring in the The Love Guru, playing Justin Timberlake’s love interest. The romantic comedy also stars Mike Myers and is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2008. And in other Meagan news, the net is all abuzz with reports of Meagan pulling a Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and any other White female celebrity you can think of. Meagan was spotted leaving the Hyde Lounge in Hollywood last night wearing a sheer blouse and no bra. You would have thought she was walking hand in hand with the almighty from the reaction of most people.

Granted, I wouldn’t expose my rack, but I don’t think Meagan exposing hers makes her evil or any of the other horrible names she has been called. The sista is young, beautiful, feisty and obviously a little bit freaky. Let her expose those puppies now while they are standing up cause lawd knows no one will want to see them in 10 or so years when they start hitting knee level… lol.

Now, for those of you not still staring at the picture of Meagan above, you can click over to page 3 to see The One Missed Call trailer and page 2 has more pics.


  1. :iagree: She is effing beautiful. The haters are going to eat her alive though. She has always been called names and now they are going to have reason to call her even more. But if she is comfortable I know I am. Go Meagan. You ain’t hurting nobody. If you want to express yourself this way then do it.

  2. This is pretty much all she is good for. No hate. No name calling. She is our Black Lindsay Lohan, except Lindsay can actually act.

  3. I respect her for just showing them babies off. At least she didn’t do a cheap accidental nip slip 😆

    On a more serious note though, a part of me feels sorry for her. She obviously wants to be one of those women known for their club hopping and drinking rather than for her actual skill, which is acting. This type of exposing yourself and falling out drunk in the street may put White girls on the map but we can’t do what they do and get the same effect. Meagan is one drink away from the nowhere. She is one sex tape away from a permanent career as a d-list actress. Somebody better pull her coattails now and hip her to the game. She is going nowhere fast :thumbsdown:

  4. Her titties 😆 skin is amazing. It is flawless, not an imperfection anywhere. What is her secret? Is it in her genes or does she have a kickazz dermatologist?

  5. I don’t think it is that serious Josie. I understand what you are saying but this girl isn’t a drug addict. She parties and dresses provocatively but that’s it. A see through shirt doesn’t mean she is committing career suicide. It also doesn’t mean she represents all sistas either. I know someone is going to eventually claim she is making us look bad but that is a mighty stretch. Meagan is just having fun and being young. We make too much out of nudity. The human body is beautiful. She is beautiful. I see no harm in this at all but I am sure others will.

  6. I understand you guys are big supporters of Meagan here and that is a good thing. However, I do not think you should support her in this way. Yes she is beautiful and the human form is beautiful, but she does not have to go to these lengths to be noticed. Just because other women do it does not mean we should support Black women doing it. We set a bad example when we either glorify or condone this. Young Black girls need positive influences now more than ever and Meagan is not up to that challenge. Support her in the positive things she does but not this. She should have never left her home this way. She knew she would be photographed as she always is so it is safe to say this was planned to get a reaction and extra attention from the press.

  7. I never liked her like that. You can call it hate if you want ( I don’t see how) but she doesn’t interest me at all. She reminds me of Pamela Anderson.

  8. forget the boobs! she’s grown dammit! but those cancer sticks are unforgivable! i hate ppl who smoke! second hand smoke kills!

  9. Everybody has a lil freak in them. Whether they keep it behind closed doors or on front street is their own personal choice. She knew damn well people were going to be looking at her headlights. When you pull a move like that its for attention. She’s young and beautiful, im sure she feels she’s got it, she’s gonna flaunt it. 😀

  10. Did you guys ever consider the fact that maybe her shirt wasn’t transparent until those paparazzi cameras flashed the extra-strength bulbs in her face? It was a BLACK SHIRT after all…I doubt it was see-through all night…just in these pictures.

    You would be surprised at how many of our shirts would go transparent with a quick flash of a strong camera. (And if my breasts were that perfect ,real or not, I would go braless too!)

    I think she just wasn’t aware…hopefully she will learn from the experience.

  11. Meagan was out the night before in a white see through shirt and TMZ taped her. She even mentioned being shown half naked and then she goes out again the next night and is taped again. Meagan ain’t no fool. The shirt is sheer and she is even seen pulling it down to show even more. Meagan’s stock just rose cause now she is everywhere online, even White sites got her nipples up and that is what she wanted. She is Kim Kardashian in the making 😆

  12. You were right Regine, she does have nice breast 😆 But anyway atleast she’s not showing her private-parts like the other white girls do. She’s a party girl it’s not like she’s commiting a crime. Dana I wouldn’t quite say Kim Kardashain in the making just yet.

  13. I like Megan for the most part. I just watched “Eve’s Bayou” the other day and thought she was so good as Cicely. She’s a good actress and I look forward to her roles. But I hope she doesn’t go ‘that route’ just to continue her fame. You have to call it suspect if one night it’s a white ‘t’ and the next a black one and both are see through and nippalia are shining through. LOL. Still, whatever. I am interested in this film with Justin Timberlake.

  14. I like Meagan she is very beautiful, but she needs a stylist…bad, her fashion sense is horrible and she tends to dress slutty at times…And I hate the fact she smokes cigarettes…Not a good look.

  15. :thumbsup: Why is her boobs out!!!!! CTFU! But for real….LOVE HER!!!! I wish nothing but the best and much success to this Sista!!! :thumbsup:

  16. I have to agree her skin is flawless and the real jacked up thing is the cigarettes. The sista is beautiful and she has an amazing body. Time will tell whether she will get better roles, I think she will.

  17. As good as she looks, she can do anything that she wants to do.

    Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are disgusting.

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