1. LOL!
    I tried to tell ppl that none of those pages were hers!

    I’m not on twitter.com but there are a few ppl I like to keep up with if their pages aren’t locked and being that I loves me some Meagan Good… I’ma have to check her out. 😉

  2. I was trying to tell people that wasn’t her too! Fakes are a mess on Twitter, and it’s getting ridiculous! You have to be careful. I give every celeb on Twitter the side-eye unless they’re verified or another verified celeb confirms them. One good thing, is the fakes are making the real celebs actually get on Twitter to take their name back,lol

  3. LOL u tell em’ Meagan. But i was wondering why she had so many twitter pages and myspace pages the whole time they weren’t hers. I seen her REAL twitter page and her background of her photo’s are really nice. And she is not the only celeb with fake Twitters,Myspace,& Facebook pages

  4. People are crazy out here especially people who go out of their way to look like or act like an actual celeb. Lol I’m glad she made the vid to put the fakes on blast. Gotta do what you gotta do. She looks more natural and pretty in the video ohh Meaagan….I’m have to add her on muy twitter. Seems like since this vid was made she has over 6k now…. how you dewin’?

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