Meagan Good Covers July Edition Of Upscale Magazine

Actress Meagan Good is everywhere these days as the sista is about to kick off a major promotional blitz in support of her new film “The Love Guru”. June saw Meagan making appearances in and on the cover of such magazines as Vanity Fair and Sister 2 Sister and July will see Meagan gracing the cover of Upscale Magazine as well. The YBF has an official cover of the magazine but it was rather anti-climactic for me as they chose to use a very old pic of Meagan. And when I say old I mean old. I can’t date these pics exactly but I am sure they were taken somewhere between 2002 and 2004. Still, the Andrew McPherson taken photos were beautiful and a part of a set I have added below as well as excerpts from her interview.


Meagan on love:

“I looked at the whole Halle Berry and David Justice thing, and it just broke my heart,” she says in a strong whisper. “I used to think if I’m really, really beautiful and really, really successful then I won’t have to worry about this and that. And then you grow up and realize that none of that matters…”

On her relationship with NY Jets running back Thomas Jones:

“He is very confident in who he is. He doesn’t need me or anything else to validate him.”

On internet and magazine rumors:

“I just don’t understand why people would say hateful things about a person they’ve never even met.”

On drawing the line:

“I did a lot of men’s magazines, but to me there is a difference between being in a bikini and being in shorts and a T-shirt doing a back shot.”

Check out Page Two for pics of Meagan leaving Coco de Ville in West Hollywood on Tuesday night.


  1. Meagan Good is out and about these days…every week Brown Sista has something about Ms. Good. She is definitely doing her thing. Keep up the good work.

  2. She looks pretty…..and in the words of Forest gump, “That’s all I’ve got to say about that”

  3. she looks pretty, but i don’t find her interesting. even with a movie coming out( the love guru looks terrible), she just blah for me.

  4. She looks so good. Very very stunning! Good luck with everything sista!

  5. I love this girl! She’s also in Cosmo Girl this month too guys. But of course the entire interview is mainly about her co-staring with Justin Timberlake in The Love Guru!

  6. I love the first two pictures. She’s stunningly beautiful. I’m not so keen on the last one because of the feathery shoulder pads.

    Meagan is definitely a pretty girl.

  7. Meagan got it going on she is a beautiful young woman. You go girl.

  8. Yeah I love Meagan as well. Beautiful beautiful sista!!

  9. I love the second pic. It reminds of a little girl who thinks that she is grown, but she is really very sweet. I don’t know… It makes me smile. LOL

  10. have you guys seen the previews on TV for the Love Guru? NONE of them say anything about Meagan Good being in the movie- but every other big name is mentioned! What’s up with that??

  11. Meagan is absolutely beautiful. I`m really feelin` the first two pics. Glad to see all the luv that Brown Sista has been showing her lately. Kudos to you Brown Sista..

  12. Not to knock her, but would she be getting all of this publicity if Jessica Alba wasn’t pregnant?

  13. Meagan isn’t getting any out of the ordinary publicity. Being on the cover of Upscale, a magazine most ppl cannot even find, is not anything that wouldn’t have come to Meagan anyway. She was recently on the cover of Sister 2 Sister and she has been on the cover of that magazine before and it’s a Black magazine so again it is not something that is out of the ordinary. Other than that she has been seen clubbing a lot which is what she is known for. Meagan isn’t getting any more promo now than she has in the past and it’s mainly in the Black market though she has been featured in White magazines before namely Maxim and a EW. Might I add Jessical Alba is hardly superior to Meagan in anyway, not in looks and definitely not in the acting department. Jessica is just white booty in all her movies. She is a white version of what folks claim Meagan is. She is just the pretty chick.

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