Meagan Good is Not Pregnant

Actress Meagan Good has officially taken herself off of baby watch.

The 32-year old former ‘Deception’ star took to Twitter over the weekend to deny pregnancy rumors, which started floating around the net after she was spotted attending InStyle’s 12th Annual Summer Soiree looking a bit puffy around the middle.

When asked by a fan to either confirm or deny the pregnancy rumor, Meagan had this to say: “No ma’am. I am not pregnant. LOL just had too much pizza to eat. The only pitter-patter I’m going to hear around my house is that of my niece Penny and her little sister.”

So, there you have it. Meagan’s perfect figure is destined to remain just that… at least for a little while longer

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  1. Surprised you haven’t posted on Monica’s little future joy… or have you?

    And I’m so over this Meagan Good is pregnant though… the rumor seems to spread every year about her… as if she’s not human and can not put on a little weight like everyone else. Smh.

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