Meagan Good Does “Anchorman 2” Promo

"Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" U.S. Premiere

Actress Meagan Good was all smiles over the weekend while walking the red carpet at the premiere of her latest film “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.”

The 32-year old California native glowed in a cream colored Donna Karan evening gown which she accessorized with Jimmy Choo sandals, a matching clutch and the best accessory of them all: her super fine husband, Sony movie executive DeVon Franklin.

‘Anchorman 2’ hits movie theaters this Wednesday, December 18th and is expected to be shown on over 3,000 screens across the country.

Meagan called the film “one of my biggest” over the weekend, noting promo for the film took her overseas for the

The original ‘Anchorman’ struck box office gold across the globe back in 2004, earning over $200,000,000 worldwide.


  1. I read her instagram where she daid the film was her first that took her overseas to do promo also, Sista. That shocked me because wasn’t she the star of one of those SAW movies? Those movies are huge around the world. Not shocked she didn’t do promo overseas for her black movies because word is they rarely do well outside of the U.S.

    As for her look, she looks good. The hair could use some tweaking but I like her more natural look. Removing those weaves takes years off of most women’s looks

  2. she looks so pretty, she has that old hollywood glam look . I always wonder why she isn’t a much bigger star :/

  3. She seems happy. I must say for years I could not stand her but she’s grown on me. I like Deception. I think Anchorman is a good look for her. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

  4. I thought that her husband was a Pastor…when did he become a movie executive?

  5. He’s always been a Sony movie exec who was said to also be a minister. He and Meagan met through his work involving Think Like a Man.

    As for his being a minister, I recently read that he was not. Though I can’t find any way to actually verify whether he is or isn’t. I think he may simply be a spiritual motivational speaker.

  6. hmm interesting, I could have sworn I read an interview about her talking about being the First Lady (of the church)

    Now I’m confused lol

  7. I think once she came under attack for being too sexy for a preacher’s wife, they came clean that he wasn’t really ordained. Not sure though, like I said, I can’t seem to find out whether he is or isn’t. But in speeches of his I have heard, he is more motivational speaker than preacher.

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