Meagan Good Does ‘Deception’ Promo

Despite pretty good press and assurance of a renewal, Meagan Good’s new NBC drama ‘Deception’ continues to struggle in the ratings.

Last night’s episode pulled in a modest 3.12 million viewers, coming in third behind Castle on ABC (8.19 million viewers) and Hawaii Five-O on CBS (9.63 million viewers).

Ratings woes aside, the show’s lead actors, Meagan Good and Laz Alonzo, continue to promote it every week, this time appearing on Extra.

The two talked about being compared to ABC’s breakout hit ‘Scandal,’ as well as their show’s growing Twitter fan base.

Tune in tonight to see part 2 of Meagan and Alonzo’s 2 part interview.


  1. I like the show and hate seeing it struggle in the ratings department. It did start off slowly in the first episode, but I think it has improved greatly since then. Perhaps another day/time slot would have been better for it.

  2. There is no way this show is going to stay on the air with only three million viewers. NBC would be losing money.

    I gave this show a chance and it’s just not popping. It is boring. Meagan and the cast are fine. The show just isn’t compelling and it doesn’t make me want to come back next week.

  3. I actually like the show alot. It got off to a slow start but it’s really got my interest now. I’ll be watching.

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