Meagan Good Gets To Play Somebody’s Best Friend

Meagan Good: “Pretty Girl” Actress Meagan Good and Idris Elba are among the ensemble cast of Rogue Pictures’ supernatural thriller “Unborn.” According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film follows a young woman (Odette Yustman) who is tormented by the soul of a boy who died in the Holocaust. Good will play the girl’s best friend, while Elba will play a priest who helps a Rabbi perform exorcisms. The Rabbi will be played by Gary Oldman, Carla Gugino signed on to portray the haunted girl’s mother and Rhys Coiro of HBO’s “Entourage” will play the girl’s college professor. Principal photography began March 5 in Chicago under the film’s writer/director David Goyer. Platinum Dunes’ Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller are producing.

And for those of you who want Meagan to stop playing the “pretty girl” in all her movies, this should make you happy. However if I was Meagan, I would choose to play the lead “pretty girl” in a Black film over the Black best friend to the White female lead in a White film any day. At least in Black films Meagan plays the lead and gets to shine. Whereas, playing the Black best friend to the White female lead is limiting and stereotypical. Why would any Black actress in their right mind choose to play second fiddle over lead?

Nia Long recently played the Black best friend to Sandra Bullock’s character in the 2007 film, Premonition, and many of you probably didn’t even know that. On the other hand, Nia has played the pretty girl lead in quite a few Black films- including The Best Man, Friday and the classic, Love Jones. Those movies made Nia a household name and a star in the Black community. Her Black best friend sidekick role in Premonition did nothing for her career at all- NOTHING.

Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, and Gabrielle Union all became huge stars and leading ladies, playing pretty girls in Black films. To play the pretty girl is not an abomination and is nothing to be ashamed of- just ask Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron- three White actresses with Oscars- and guess what- they all started out playing the “pretty girl”.


  1. Can someone tell me who coined that pretty girl term in the first place? Who says Meagan was playing the pretty girl in her previous films? To me she was just the female star or co-star. I never attached any beauty standard to what she was doing. That is some foolishness mean spirited women on blogs have used to attack and belittle Meagan.

  2. Steph you said ” However if I was Meagan, I would choose to play the lead “pretty girl” in a Black film over the Black best friend to the White female lead in a White film any day.”

    :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

    The black sidekick “girlfriend to the white girl” role is extremely played out–it also leads white women to believe this is our appropriate role in relation to them in real life.

    Meagan is a beautiful woman. She shouldn’t be villianized for that. I also happen to think that she has done a great job in her roles. I loved her in the movie “Waist Deep” with Tyrese.

  3. Sorry my brownsistas, I must disagree. While I am guilty of saying that Megan needs better roles, I don’t think that playing the friend of a white person is THAT bad. I think that people are just trying to make the movie and even mix, so that Blacks & Whites will want to see it… ya know :confused:

  4. Well, she is at least trying to get good career. I like her playing that role.

  5. @Liyah,

    I think an actress wants to work period. But I’m not so much against her playing the brown sidekick, as I am in agreement with the initial premise that a leading role–even as the “hot chick” is still a leading role and for an actress–the lead is better.

    I also think Steph was saying this kind of “tongue in cheek” as a way of saying that the pretty girl accusation is not fair.

    I will say this–think about “Allie McBeal” where Lisa Nicole Carson played the sidekick to Callista Flockhart. Callista became a star–Lisa is unknown and is no longer acting at all. Sidekick roles don’t tend to work out for black actresses.

  6. We complain way too much about things. People are going to criticize her for every role she chooses. You can’t always get the lead role, and I don’t see anything wrong with her playing the best friend of a white lead actress. Supporting actors often receive awards and when the actor/actress is really good, they’ll steal the spotlight from the lead character. Terrance Howard is famous for doing this. Meagan is a smart woman. I think she realizes that she needs to choose different types of movie roles, and she is doing it when the opportunity presents itself. There aren’t a lot of roles for black women. She’s been in the game for a long time. She’s obviously doing something right.

    I just hope that Hollywood will begin to offer more high paying roles to black actresses. I’m desperately waiting for people like Angela Basset, Nia Long and Sanaa Lathan to get recognized outside of the Black community. These women are REAL actresses.

  7. Didn’t Meagan play the sidekick friend role in One Lost Call? Most people didn’t even know she was in that movie and I think her part was uncredited. The Black best friend gig ain’t gonna elevate her status and she cannot possibly be trying to change it up by playing such a part and definitely not in a Holocaust film. No Black person is going to steal the film in a Holocaust flick 😆 Meagan’s role will be invisible and pointless. I rather see her in a million Stomp The Yard’s as oppose to these flimsy roles that are thrown to Black actresses in mainstream Hollywood. Black women need to stop being so catty and just let this sista do her thing. Let her be the pretty girl is she wants to. She plays it well. If anything complain about that big teeth no talented Lauren London who is given gigs cause she is biracial rather than talented. Meagan at least earned her stripes.

  8. Preach on Stephanie preach on :iagree:

    But allow me to take it even a bit further.

    Every time I see Meagan attacked for playing the so called pretty girl in her movies, I know that is nothing but female jealousy. Most leading ladies in films are pretty and meant to usually be the girlfriend, wife or object of affection, for the lead male character. Meagan is simply playing the part 99% of all female actresses play in their movies.

    Meagan has played a variety of characters in her film career and if women weren’t so focused on her looks, they would realize that most of her roles have been vastly different and encompass far more than just being the pretty face on film.

    Monique on the other hand is always the fat chick, the mammy or the loud mouth in her films and no one says a word or complains. If anything Monique’s need to flaunt her girth and portray Black women in such a negative light should offend Black women but it doesn’t because Monique is fat and therefore not a threat. Pretty women however who flaunt their beauty are a threat and that’s why Meagan gets so much flack.

  9. She’s working with Gary Oldman, David Goyer and Michael *cough* Bay??? Kudos to her! I freaking LOVE Gary Oldman..he is awesome! And Goyer has directed some good movies.

    I don’t have an issue with these black ‘actresses’ playing the pretty girl roles. For Megan in particular, that isn’t ‘all’ she’s done. I remember her in [i]Friday[/i]. 😆 I mean, she was a little girl then, but I remember her. And of course there’s [i]Eve’s Bayou[/i]. I genuinely like seeing her on screen; I think she’s lovely…although I tend to find myself mesmerized by her eyebrows…….. They’ve taken different courses through the years; steadily going up, up, up, but now they seemed to have evened out. 😆 I digress and I kid! She’s cool and congrats to her; she gets to work (yet again) with some awesome people. And Idris Elba!!!!!!! *screams!* That man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sexy. 😉

  10. [quote comment=”22727″]Didn’t Meagan play the sidekick friend role in One Lost Call? Most people didn’t even know she was in that movie and I think her part was uncredited.[/quote]

    I wanted to see that movie ONLY because Meagan was in it. I wondered why she was never in any of the commercials I saw. I never bothered as I heard that her character got killed off in the first few minutes of the film…

  11. Being typecast is usually something most serious actors and actresses wish to avoid in the industry, and it might not matter to us fans who love to see the recurring hot guy or hot girl, but it actually does matter to directors and producers, and Meagan has stated in interviews that she’d like to try different characters and genres, and that she knows she plays the same characters and would like a change. If she’s able to acknowledge this, then I don’t understand what’s wrong with someone else doing it. People just see that she can do better, and obviously she sees it too so I don’t see a problem with pointing out that sometimes her roles get redundant imo.

    Overall though, I think Meagan’s doing good this year. Both OMC and TLG are geared towards larger audiences, and not siphoned off if you will, to black audiences, which means she’s getting more exposure, plus she’s working with some huge names. Her role in Unborn sounds small, but it all depends on what she does with it, and acting opposite Gary Oldman can’t hurt. :thumbsup:

    @ Kanyade, I love Gary too! Definitely one of the best actors in Hollyweird.

  12. Cree I’m not trying to pic a fight, but everything isn’t jealousy. I’m sorry there are plenty of other Black actresses in Hollywood to be jealous over…..and for ME………..Megan is NOT one of them. :noway:

  13. I definately agree with you brown sista…and I will post this new information on my blog….I will be sure to site you also.Thank you for keeping it positive, that is what I try and do as well and if you want to you can check out my site…..peace

  14. Meagan Good hasn’t been typecast. It is all the haters who are trying to make it seems as though Meagan is only choosing roles that require her to be the hottie. This whack ass film, I don’t care who is in it, will not benefit Meagan because she isn’t the star or even co-star. Let’s wee what the hype is about when this film gets released. Meagan has played a variety of roles and characters but because she is pretty it is made to seem as if her roles are all about T & A when they are not. Meagan is not the acting version of a video vixen and she is more than just a pretty face or hot bod.


  15. Cree and I thank you. :bowdown: You’ve been saying what I said and thought all of this time. Some of the females on this site are so envious of a pretty black woman (i.e. beyonce, meagan, halle, gabrielle, cassie) but yet complain when they are not being shown enough in fashion magazines, movie, commercials etc. Give me a break.

  16. At the end of the day Cree, I respect your opinion for what it is, even though there are parts of your post that I don’t agree with. I think we should all remember that we’re entitled to have different viewpoints, and some of you will be on the unpopular side of the discussion next week when there’s a post about someone else. True positivity is when people are able to take other’s opinions without putting them down. Attack the opinion not the poster 🙂

  17. Didn’t she play in “My Cousin Skeeter” on Nickelodeon years ago? That’s really the only thing that comes to mind when I see her. I saw her in One Missed Call, though…and yeah…the entire movie was among the worst I’ve ever seen, but luckily for her, she died before it really began and therefore cannot be held responsible.

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