Meagan Good Hosts Atlanta Party

Meagan and her Mama After a week filled with boobie flashes, actress Meagan Good decided to tone it down a bit and spend a family friendly weekend with her Mom and sister down in Atlanta. Meagan was in the ATL to host a party at the Fune Sushi Bar. Over the last few months I have gotten tons of requests for pictures not only of Meagan but of her Mom and sister Lamaya, who is a member of the R n’ B singing group, Isyss. Rarely have I seen them all in one place at the same time- but finally here they are. Meagan’s ethnicity has been questioned quite a few times which is why I know folks keep asking for pics of her Mom as if that will prove she either isn’t Black, full Black or the “she’s so pretty she must be mixed” theory many people seem to have. No one questioned her ethnicity when she was bald and had big teeth, in other words, when she was ugly. But now that the teeth are straight and she has a weave and is considered “cute”, everyone wants to disprove her Blackness, cause you know- Black girls ain’t suppose to be cute unless they heavily mixed with something else.

Btw, that’s sarcasm for those of you who may be a little slow (lol).


  1. Damn girl you just put it all out there. You are so real and I think that’s what keeps me coming back. I’m glad you not devoting all the post to the MTV Awards because that mess keeps getting worse every year.

    Oh yeah what is Meagan’s mom name and why Meagan looked so ticked off in the bottom pics? Did they have her hosting at some third rate hood club?

  2. Why is she crying/emotional in the last few pics ? She’s a pretty girl.

  3. Meagan is so pretty. She has such beautiful skin. Im sure she gets annoyed with the camera in her face every min.

  4. Meagan lies!!!!!!! Shes not mixed! Her mom is black but comes from light skinned people, her mom is a little mixed w/ white. Her dad is regular black. She needs to stop lying and saying shes mixed w/ japanesse, puerto rican and everything else. Shes mixed just like every other black person. Damn shame…..

  5. IT really does look like she is about to cry in the last picture, but she is still pretty that’s right represent for the BROWN BONES LOL oh and i like that jean jumper outfit i have some just like that go girl


  6. I feel you lauren, I never could stand black people that lie and say that their mixed with so many different races when they’re just plain black. Not to knock out other races but black is a good thing. Even if you’re are mixed with other ethinicites so what. Is that suppost to make a person better? because it don’t. Not at all. So whatever Meagan is “mixed” withn she’s still black and that’s all we will ever see.

  7. I read a while back, she said she was half Panamanian. Anyways, why is she so sad and not wanting her pic taken? Maybe she didn’t have a big turn out at her party?

  8. Interesting! For some reason, I had expected her mom to totally look different.

  9. Meagan is just playing the Black Hollywood game. She knows that claiming to be multiracial will up her value in the eyes of Black men and she’ll get more work. Add a good weave and she can even start to pass for “other”. It’s almost impossible to find a Black woman truly to look up to and respect in the media because they all claim to be more than Black and that more-ness is usually considered to be the better part of them or the part that makes them beautiful.

  10. Actually Wendy, people from Panama are considered Hispanic. They are usually decendents from Native Indian tribes like he Mayans and Incas like most people from Central America. They are considered Hispanic because they have Spanish boold in them and speak a form of the language.

  11. either way, an hispanic can be from any group, hispanic itself is NOT a race.


  13. She’s crying in that last picture because Thomas just called her cell to tell her he’s leaving her for me!

  14. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a jumper like that.
    It is very cute!

  15. I am confuse no where in this article is it stated that Meagan was claiming to be mixed. What the article said was that other people questioned her race. And just because someone is mixed with something else it doesnt mean they are better than black people–black people feel like they are better (because all other races will accept someone whose mixed quicker than someone who isn’t a lot easier) that is why we feel somewhat resentful. We may feel good about ourselves and our beauty but, once society accepts our blackness as something ugly it causes self-hatred. We start claiming everything but black just to be accepted.

    Dont get it twisted, white people are the same way with their race as well except the opposite effect. 100% pure white

  16. Hey girls,
    I’m from Paris, France and I would like to know where I can get meagan outfit.

    Thanks for your help.

  17. NAAYLAH u can get this outfit from your local mall or boutique clothing store (i would perfer a boutique) i have some just like that the outfit looks so good with my red christian Louboutin pumps, my signature walk is all that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    and you say you are from PARIS,FRANCE you should be the first to have it for real (LOL)

  18. We do have high waist pants in Paris, I have a black one, nice with Louboutin pumps you r right (lol). And I tried all the “Boutique Parisienne” but can’t find one like Meagan too!

    Merci Tia 🙂

  19. Blacksista, you know some people do not reat at all. I have never read any interview by Megan where she stated she was mixed with anything. She’s always called herself a BLACK actress, and she has never stated otherwise. I think she is absolutely beautiful and I have never questioned what she was mixed with, because she is a beautiful black woman to me. Black is so damn beautiful period. I could care less who has a problem with it, or people who lie about themselves to feel accepted. I hope Megan gets some good acting gigs, because the industry lives to portray black men and women in a negative light.

  20. She claims to be french,native american,rican and black..But we see that her mom is just a lighterskinned afro american woman..she probably has white and native american somewhere down the line but she is not multiracial..multiracial celebs are like kelis,mariah,sean paul,rosario dawson etcet…and ms good looks nothing like them lol.she is just a pretty brown skinned confused sister lol

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