Meagan Good is Engaged

Meagan Good is getting married. The 30-year old “Californication” actress is reportedly engaged to Sony executive, and part-time 7th Day Adventist preacher man, DeVon Franklin.

The two reportedly began dating while Meagan was shooting “Jumping the Broom,” which was released by Sony.

Meagan has not commented on the supposed engagement via her official Twitter page, but reports say the news comes straight from her publicist.

Whatever the case, some people seemed shocked that a preacher would marry someone like Meagan, whose club hopping and risqué attire has often caused quite a stir.

To that I simply say- DeVon is man, not a monk. Meagan is a beautiful woman with perky breasts and well, if anyone has read the bible, you know that perky breasts show up in there quite a few times.

DeVon is only doing what the good book tells him to. LOL

*watches out for lightning*


  1. Well I am happy for her. Congrats Meagan! And just because she goes club hopping doesn’t make her the devil or all kinds of loose. LOL. Sometimes people just want to go out and have fun and enjoy themselves. And it doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve a good man. I think she’s always been aware of what type of man she’s been wanting to marry and that is a good thing. Go Meagan! =)

  2. hahahahahaha

    Sista, this post is hella funny.

    But congrats to the couple…..wish them all the best!

  3. Meagan has confirmed her engagement via her Twitter page now.

    @BC. ThankS 🙂

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