Meagan Good Joins ‘NO MORE’ Campaign


In the wake of her role as a victim of domestic violence on the NBC hit series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” actress Meagan Good has announced her affiliation with NO MORE, a public service campaign dedicated to bringing attention to the growing trend of victim shaming in the media.

Meagan will appear in online public service announcements and tour the country speaking at events hosted by NO MORE, which launched in 2009 with a focus on awareness and the prevention of domestic violence and sexual assaults.

Meagan, who says she first learned of the organization back in 2011, called the group’s recent campaign to eradicate victim shaming the first step in lifting the veil of abuse and sexual assault. “Victims are often scared to come forth, afraid they’ll be blamed for their own abuse and so they stay quiet and are forced to live in shame,” Meagan recently told NPR. “We have to change that and change comes through the education of men, women, and especially children who are often most at risk.”

Meagan’s online PSAs will go live in January, while her public appearances to support NO MORE have already begun.