Meagan Good Looks Pretty In Pink

Meagan Good left her much worn latex legging and YSL Tribute pumps at home and stepped out in a hot pink number to attend the 12th Annual Best Buddies Gala, which was held this year in Miami Florida. When I saw Meagan had finally changed her clothes my heart leaped with joy. I saw the heavens open up and angels came down and sang a song of praise. You guys know I love and support Meagan here, but if she had worn those leggings one more time I would have vanqueshed her from this site for an eternity. Thankfully the sista heard our cries of pain and gave us all what we wanted- a whole new look. Meagan is an upcoming sista actress in Hollywood and we want to see her looking the part.

I’ll let Fashionista101 handle the particulars of what our sista stepped out in, but suffice to say I haven’t any complaints. Meagan’s hair and make-up look good and pink is definitely her color.

Here she is below walking the red carpet and posing with her Love Guru co-star Verne Troyer


  1. This dress looks like an ill fitting robe, her bra is showing and the shoes don’t match. i think I prefer the leggings.

  2. Glad to see her change clothes but this look isn’t all that great either. She is pretty in pink but the dress or whatever that is looks like she wrapped herself in curtains of a really large moo-moo.

  3. To the writer/owner of this site, I read it so often now because you’re such a fair-minded individual! I think you’re honest – no butt kisser but no basher either. As for Meagan, pink is her color but Megan Fox wore it a few weeks ago, the colo I mean…and she’s worn a dress like this one but in red…and I don’t know why I feel this way but I sorta think she’s Meagan’s idol now… The “sexy” girl who’s taken seriously enough to be cast in big budget films…

  4. The pink is too bold. It cheapens the look of the dress. A neutral color or soft pink would have been nicer.

  5. SHe is a pretty girl; however, she never looks natural. Her eyebrows are a mess and so is the dress. Anyway its good to see her with different clothes on.

  6. Not feeling the outfit but the change is nice. Pretty girl though

  7. Love myself some Meagan 🙂

    Love that she’s NOT wearing the same outfit & shoes :thumbsup:

    Hate that I’m not feeling this look much though :thumbsdown:

  8. But Meagan is still not carrying a handbag! I’ve seen so many pics of her walking around with abunch of stuff like keys and make-up in her hands! Why won’t this woman carry a handbag!?

  9. LOL @ Stephanie!

    I don’t like this look at all… That pink is too bold and it makes her look heavier. I’m sure it’s nice in person, but dresses like that NEVER look good on camera. But I would love to see a more natural side of Megan. She’s so pretty! She’ll step it up. I know she will. She will hire a good stylist and within a year or so, she will look hottt!

  10. I like Meagan too but I don’t like the dress. She is a pretty girl and would look so much better if she would be more thought into her fashion choices.

  11. She is not pretty in pink , What Meagan need is to figure out who she is , People need to stop letting stylist make a fool out of them, If i was a celebrity i would not let anybody than myself dress me , what one person like might not look good on you trust yourself sisters! :brownsista:

  12. She is indeed pretty in pink, but this dress is the wrong fit for her. I’m glad to see her in something different. I’m just afraid that we will be seeing this again real soon.

  13. SOMEONE GET THIS WOMAN A STYLIST PLEASE!!!!!!! 🙁 :thumbsdown:

  14. She should use some of that money you claim she has to buy herself some new clothes. Or maybe she can hit up that rich boyfriend that you claim loves her so much to buy her some new clothes. Better yet, why don’t you buy her some new clothes and a better lace front wig to go with her new clothes. :lol2:

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