New Meagan Good Photo Shoot & Interview

Actress Meagan Good recently sat down with Rolling Out Magazine to talk about her new production company, Freedom Bridge Entertainment, and why she is finally taking her career into her own hands. Tired of playing the same old roles over and over again, Meagan and her partner, fellow actor Ty Hodges, have teamed up to create a company that will not only create opportunities for themselves, but for other African American actors and actresses as well.
You can read Meagan’s entire interview with Rolling Out here and pics from her exclusive photo shoot with the mag can be seen below.


  1. You know I have to be honest. Meagan has chosen to play the roles she has played over the years. She pigeonholed herself when she kept playing big breasted eye candy girl. Jurnee Smollett isn’t complaining because she was more picky. She will eventually grow into a respected actress because she doesn’t play the vixen role or take it off every few months in KING magazine. I mean props to her for branching out and doing her own things, but had she been more discriminating she could have had a diversified portfolio like Sanaa Lathan, Gabrielle Union, Regina King, and countless other Black actresses.

  2. dana, sometimes you play a role to make the rent. but i do believe once she got some notoriety she should’ve tried to take less for pay work and more arthouse. because that is where the real money will be.

  3. I’m not going to penalize Meagan for the roles she chose in the past. True, she could’ve been more selective, but she is allowed to make mistakes. It seems to me that she has learned from them and is trying to move forward. Her production company is a step in the right direction, and I wish her success.

  4. Smart young woman. Where the opportunities offered by others are closed to you–Create your own opportunities. I respect that.

  5. I’ll just comment on the pics: I don’t like them. She either looks gassy, pissed off or just tired. The poses and facial expressions are…well, “I” could’ve run this photoshoot. πŸ˜† I don’t like them. Her eyebrows are constantly rising to new heights. She’s a pretty young woman, but these are by far the best photos she’s taken. πŸ™

  6. *They are NOT the best photos she’s taken. Please excuse the error. :brownsista:

  7. The only black woman to get offered a variety of movie roles with Hollywood’s top leading men is Halle Berry. Meagan Goode probably took whatever movie roles she could get just to get noticed and hoping for that big break.

  8. this black power movement in Hollywood is getting serious!!!All the best to her. In Terri J. Vaughn’s documentary, you can see the pain in Megan’s face and hear it in her voice. She probably didn’t want the roles she played all the time,but she wants to act.

  9. This is why as Blacks we have to stop making fun of those Black actors who make movies that go straight to DVD. I read an article by Vivica A. Fox where she not only talked about the great money involved, but how straight to DVD gives many Black actors the opportunity to work and make movies that Hollywood won’t release to the big screen. The straight to DVD movement is big and growing. You guys need to check out some of the movies our brothas and sistas are in that many of you prolly don’t even know about.

  10. Oh, and I love the first set of pics of her in white. She looks like a sexy business women about to handle her own.

    The pics in green are ok but they needed to clean up the flab on her leg in the second to last photo. No excuse for any magazine to publish a photo like that. I guess that is why I have never heard of it before.

  11. Kudos to me Meagan for taking her career into her own hands. I wish her and her partner all the best the pics are gorgeous.

  12. well Meagan is a poor actress so she just needs to play what is given to her or up her acting game.

  13. Sometimes perception is reality… She needs to adapt to a more posh and elegant image to attract roles as such.

  14. I think that she has taken better pics but shes still pretty. as for adapting to a more posh image i disagree because regardless of their actual personality actors should adapt on screen. terrence howard plays a bad guy very well but carries himself differently offscreen. i think she could have chosen better roles but it is such a doggy dog world in hollywood that i understand why she would take those roles to build a resume and get experience, other actors did bad movies too. so she can rise above and go on to do great things!

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