Meagan Good Poses For Men’s Health

Actress turned singer, Meagan Good, donned a variety of barely there outfits for her Men’s Health magazine photo shoot. The 29 year old actress, who has four movies coming out in 2011, is featured as part of the magazine’s quest to find out what beautiful women want in their men. So what did Meagan say attracts her to a man? Loyalty.


  1. Meagan looks good. Her want in a man is fake though. Women want way more than loyalty in a man. We want strength and dependability more than anything.

  2. Why does everybody wear butt pads? She doesn’t need any alterations, she’s ok without it. And she’s crazy if she think she’s gonna get loyalty from a celebrity man. And that long hair is sooo much better than the short cut.

  3. what four movies is she playing on only i just know she will be in jumping the broom but is video girl going to come out im looking forward on seeing all her movies keep up the good work meagan.

  4. @Jessica i think tehy asked her what she wants in a man. Maybe you don’t want loyalty but she does!

  5. Gorgeous lady 🙂 So prettty! (and talented and industrious to be producing as well as starring in her own films. make it do what it do meagan!)

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