Meagan Good Premieres New Film at Sundance

Actress Meagan Good was on hand for day four of the Sundance Film Festival. However, unlike many other celebs, Meagan was not there solely for the photo-op. Instead, the 30-year old “Act Like a Man” actress was there to take part in the premiere of “LUV,” one of several films the California native has coming out this year.

Co-starring Charles S. Dutton, Danny Glover and rapper Common, “LUV” tells the story of a teenage boy who over the course of a day forms a bond with his troubled uncle.

Meagan’s role isn’t listed on the film’s IMDB page and unfortunately neither is the release date.

If you can’t wait for actress’ next film to hit the big screen and need your fix now, you can catch her on the Showtine dramedy “Californication.” Meagan has a recurring role all this season.


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