Meagan Good Produces New Film

It appears Meagan Good will be doing more than starring in her next film “Video Girls”. As it turns out Meagan is not only one of the stars but also a Producer of the film. “Video Girls” is said to be the first major film to be released under the actress’ own Freedom Bridge Entertainment production company- which she co-owns with friend and “Video Girls” director Ty Hodges. The film doesn’t yet have a release date but what is does have is a star studded line-up. Besides Meagan herself, “Video Girls” also stars actress Ruby Dee and real life video girls Melyssa Ford, Tahiry Jose, Angel Lola Luv, LisaRaye McCoy and Esther Baxter.


  1. Here is what I found online.

    “A film producers shepherds the production from start to finish. In a typical arrangement, the producer develops an idea or script with a writer and secures the necessary rights. He often hires the director, supervises casting, and assembles a crew. Additionally, the producer oversees the budget and then coordinates the post production work—everything from editing, to commissioning music, to encouraging the film’s stars to plug the movie on talk shows.”

  2. In a word or two a producer = MONEY, funding as well as creative control and those other aspects. But it’s primarily a money thing.

    This is a good move for Meagan. Invest and create this way since Hollyweird is trippin’ and not giving sistas roles. Good looking out Meagan. I wish her well with this endeavor

  3. I’m happy for her. Do it. Many others do it. Halle even is the executive producer for some of her films. And if I’m not mistaking Halle has her own production company.

  4. Great move Meagan. Creating your own opportunities and jobs for others. I support any sistah doing their thing!!

  5. Ruby Dee in a film with the likes of Esther Baxter. I have to see this to believe it!

  6. I see Megan is climbing through a window since Hollywood aint trying to open doors for a sista. This is what we have to do; create our own opportunities–nothin is handed to us. One thing about it, we always make a way. We are just as “Americanized” as our white counterparts and want the same things. That is why we always overcome

  7. Meagan is more than capable of holding it down as a producer. She has been in the business since she was a child and has more than likely learned a lot along the way. We have got to be more supportive and realize that when Hollywood doesn’t open the door for us we must open the door for ourselves and each other. This is what Vivica Fox has been doing for years with her straight to DVD films, one of which Meagan starred in a few years back.

    Much luck to Miss Good. I will have her back.

  8. Yea this movie has been in the works for a while. I’m glad to see them pushing through with it. I have yet to see Miles From Home which was supposed to be released on DVD as well. =(

    Hope they still have Sundays in Fort Greene as well. =)

  9. So let me get this straight,Meagan has the oppurtunity to star and produce her very own film and the subject is “Video Girls”?
    This is the mess she comes up with?

    I hate to rant, but have we become so accustomed to being potrayed as the asexual mammy,angry Black woman ,or the video ho that we actually see ourselves through the medias lens as well.

    Please Megan back to the drawing board.

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