Meagan Good Does ‘Deception’ Promo

NBCUniversal Events - Season 2013

Actress Meagan Good’s mid-season replacement series ‘Deception’ airs tonight on NBC and the cast was out in full force today (and over the weekend) to let everyone know.

As previously reported, Meagan will be leading a cast that includes industry friends like Laz Alonzo (Stomp the Yard) and industry veterans like Victor Garber (Titanic).

The 30-year old stress will be tackling her first starring role on a network series, playing the part of Joanna Locsta, an undercover police officer who infiltrates the family of a deceased friend in order to solve her murder.

Check out Meagan discussing her role earlier today on the Today Show, as well as pics from the set and her TCA Winter Press Tour appearance.

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  1. i watched it and turned before it was over. i wasnt feeling it, even though Meagan is the lead the show doesnt feel geared towards “us”. it was very CWish, very gossip girl, Revenge etc…

  2. I don’t like the fact that Scandal and Deception both have leading black women who are involed with white men. Is that the only way for a sista to get a leading role in Hollywood, the show has to have a white agenda in it somewhere.

  3. but is it a “white agenda”??? what’s wrong with being involved with a white men (among many other men i’m sure the characters have dated)?

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