Meagan Good Promotes New Film In Sin City

Actress Meagan Good continues to criss-cross the country promoting her latest film, Saw V. Earlier this week the actress put in promotional time for the world premiere in Los Angeles and last night in Las Vegas she did the same. Dressed in a black lace off the shoulder dress, Meagan looked fabulous as she walked the red carpet at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino. For the after party at Prive, the actress once again threw on her lace leggings and YSL pumps and reportedly hung out in the VIP section with the rest of the cast. Look for the “Saw V” promotional blitz to keep on moving, it’s New York premiere is scheduled for Saturday night and no doubt Meagan and her fabulousness will be there.


  1. wow. i mean seriously, the damn ysl pumps again?? and the leggings?? and the gladiator shoes?? i hope she washes her clothes as a often as she wears them. but congrats on the movie though

  2. lol ok ok ok ok…it really is time for her to get some new shoes…seriously…..even if she likes to be like a regular girl she is still an actress…but other than that she looks really nice!

  3. Just :lol2: ….

    I don’t know what more to say than πŸ˜†

    DAMN Meg! Seriously?! The same ‘fits?! πŸ™„

  4. lol im think Meagan must have a few pairs of those leggings. :booty: I still love ya girl .

  5. Stop hating she probably in going throught some tough times lol

  6. Gorgeous…but when I can see the change in color of skin due to the synthetic fake-skin of a lacefront from a mile away it makes me *sigh* πŸ™ But she’s cute. :brownsista:

  7. I said the same thing Kanyade. Why did she change to that horrible wigs that looks glued on her scalp? Bad choice. Pretty girl though.

  8. Not those YSL pumps and those damn black leggings again! And she is seriously posing and rocking the same damn thing that she had on the day before like it if OK! Poor girl.

  9. :stop: leave her lacefronts alone! i mean all someone had to do was throw a little powder up there to cover it…then again i did hear that she does her own make up so…. :lol2:

    just joking guys still love her though :hifive:

  10. I dont like this dress and honestly Im glad to see a celeb be not so vain and dont care if the media and fans see her in the same shoes, leggings, weave, whatever. Love her man! :thumbsup:

  11. This woman gots to be the most “coolest” chic in Hollywood that I know. She’s always pictured with a winning smile, she seems to have a nice demeanor and must do because she’s around other women (other than herself and family). She may not change up her attire and shoes every day like some other celebs who’s always on “front street”, but her style of dressing is really cute and fits her figure.

    Go Megan! Love you for doing you!!!!

  12. She looks very fake. She needs a new team. The one she has is messing her all up. lol

  13. She looks like a Latina (No, that’s not a bad thing) But between the dress, the hair and they make up (mainly eye brows) she does.

    I know she still likes to be a normal girl, but let’s face it, when you are famous, normal goes right out the door. I’m tired of seeing those shoes, and they are NOT that hot for her to be wearing ALL the time. And I agree with the comments above, I hope she’s washing these clothes that she keeps wearing! Other wise, she’s a beauty :bowdown: I know I know :lol2:

  14. I understand having a few items in your closet that you rock all the time,but when you are being photographed so much you should switch it up. And i dont believe that is a lace front wig at all you can see her hair mixed in with the silky weave.

  15. @ first I used to criticize her for recycling her clothes but you know what, she’s getting her money’s worth. I’m sure she paid thousands of $$ for those shoes and clothes. She’s just stretching her buck. She probably doesn’t have to. She just chooses to.

  16. Lmao stephie, :bowdown: You’ re right but she is a celebrity, regular folks can get away with it, but for her it makes her look cheap

  17. Meagan is a beautiful woman and I wish her much success.

    On another topic:

    Does anyone have the latest in regards to J Huds` mother and her son being found dead in Chi-town? Her nephew is reportedly missing as well. It`s really unbelievable how cold/heartless people are…..really sad.

    MJ & The Golden 80s forever!!!

  18. Clearly some ppl dont know what a front lace is :loser: because this is NOT :noway: a front lace wig.. you can tell thats her hair in front… she jus has a bad tan

  19. We have hair. You probably don’t, thus you are a front lace master :lol2:

  20. Wow u guys really need to get lives….who sits here and complains about wat someone else wears πŸ™„
    Shes probly laughing at u haters :lol2:

  21. Sort of like I’m laughing at the fact that you spelled probably wrong :loser:

  22. Megan is a beautiful woman. I wish she was more natural though. With all that “being made up” makes her look kind of trashy. Under all that makeup lies a beautiful, diamond in the ruff… I just know it.

  23. ur laughing that i spelled probly wrong? yea cuz thats so hiliarious
    keep hatin…i love it

  24. Don’t try to act like you purposely misspelling words now. We all know you illiterate, newbie. :lol2:

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