Meagan Good Recycles

… and we’re not talking about paper and plastic.Meagan Good, following in the footsteps of Janet Jackson, is into recycling her clothes from one event to the next.Below we have Meagan sporting a beautiful floral print dress at the Vibe Awards back in 2003.Fast forward three years and Meg is photographed wearing the exact same dress at Nick Cannon’s Birthday bash.
Meagan Good Vibe Awards 2003Meagan @ Nick Cannon's Birthday Party 2006

The recycling doesn’t stop there though.Meagan has also been seen out and about wearing her leopard print BET dress as well.We know celebs are just like the rest of us but in many ways they are not.Being seen wearing the same clothes over and over again gives the impression you are either broke, cheap, or both.I hate when Janet does it because she is mega rich, and it looks even worse when Meg does it because she is already seen as a B-List ghetto actress and this sure doesn’t help her image.

Meagan Good BET Awards 2006Meagan Good Clubbing 2006

We suggest Meagan starts acting like the Superstar she is and get a stylist, make-up artist and remember that designers are always willing to dress celebs for free, whether they be going to a gala event or grocery store.


  1. everyone should stop hating on this gorgeous brown lady
    and appreciate that she is also very talented and the cosmos are the limit for her combonation of beauty and talents.

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