Meagan & Rihanna Visit BET’s 106 & Park

I’m having a case of deja vu. Didn’t we just see Rihanna and Meagan Good at TRL yesterday? Well it seems once wasn’t enough as these two sistas also decided to hit up BET’s 106 & Park on the same day as well. As you all know Meagan is promoting the Love Guru and Rihanna is promoting the release of Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded, which according to Hits Daily Double will sell as poorly in the first week as the original Good Girl Gone Bad did. It seems Rihanna will continue to be a singles artist and Queen of the downloads, until someone can figure out how to get people to buy her albums and not just a single or two off of the album.

GGGB: Reloaded is headed for sales of 50,000 copies but hey, when you walk outta your house wearing boots like these ( Balenciaga Braided Gladiator Heels) no one is thinking about your sales (lol).

FYI: Rihanna spoke to MTV recently and revealed that reports of her appearing in the film Black Mama Widow are false. Click here to watch the interview.

Next up is Meagan who everyone claims to be tired of. Well I’m not. This is the most attention this sista has ever gotten for a film and I say good for her. And yes, she has on those shoes again. But did you guys know those shoes cost almost $700? At 700 bucks I would wear them every damn day too. I’d wear them to bed, in the shower, I’d even wear those whore shoes to church. If you gonna spend that type of money on shoes I say get your money’s worth.

And as a bonus, here is Meagan’s new photo shoot from Complex Magazine. She looks pretty good don’t cha think? Check out Complex Online to read their interview with the actress as well as to see behind the scenes video of the photo shoot.


  1. Those boots are cute but she need to stop trying to pull off the Halle Berry hair. It looks stupid on her.

  2. Rihanna looks great and Meagan doesn’t. Right here we see the small things that make someone a star and then makes someone just an average everyday run of the mill d-list actress. Meagan is very iffy with her look. One day she is decent the next she is fabulous and then the nexy she is just awful. Above she is just awful. Her hair, dress, make-up and shoes are all awful. She even looks uncomfortable to me. On the other hand Rihanna is a breath of fresh air, always cutting edge and getting your attention. Meagan should take notes and fast.

  3. I think they both look beautiful. Ri-ri’s shoes are a work of art, but I could never wear them on the street. I’m not feeling the Halle Berry haircut. I like when Rihanna wears punkish haircuts because she looks very edgy… Meagan has worn those shoes a couple of times, and it makes here seem more like the average person. I don’t think she has as many clothing options as Rihanna, but she obviously works with what she has. She looks great in the first black and white photo.

  4. โ€œThose boots are cute but she need to stop trying to pull off the Halle Berry hair. It looks stupid on her.โ€

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Rihanna wearing her hair like this. If that is the case, Ciara, Latoya Luckett and Meagan Goode need to stop wearing their weaves like Aaliyah. And Beyonce needs to stop trying to copy Diana Ross and Tina Turner’s style.

  5. Ok…so yall know my comments are gon be strictly about the shoes right? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rhianna’s are hot! I would definitely rock those. But I wonder if they’re comfortable. Looks like they might cut off your circulation a bit. I’d still wear ’em tho. ๐Ÿ™‚
    As for Meagan, maybe somebody “special” gave them to her. Maybe her wearing them is symbolic. Or maybe she just don’t care and she gon wear her joints no matter what! Whatever the reason, I just want her to wear them with something that goes!

  6. That is what I love about Rihanna, she changes up her style just like Madonna. Nothing wrong with that.

    Why do women have to constantly criticize and complain about what this one is wearing and how this one is wearing her hair this week? It just goes to show how insecure and jealous you are and that you wish you could be as confident and beautiful as Rihanna. Woman are so freakin catty?

  7. I loooooooooooooooooove Rihanna’s shoes!! This Girls is so fashion, so beautiful, so sexy!!!!! Megan looks good but Rihanna is just too hooot!!

  8. Rihanna’s boots steal the show! I can imagine Miss Jay seeing these shoes and making one of those crazy faces saying, “Werk, werk!” ๐Ÿ˜†

  9. Both ladies look good. I am not tired of Meagan she is good actress and a seems nice. I do however need her to retire those shoes. She has worn them with 3 outfits in the last 2 days…that’s not OKAY! LOL!!!! But I do think the Love Guru will be stupid funny!

    Rihanna’s CD is actually not that bad. My sister bought the Reloaded version and it’s cool. I guess people like looking at her more than hearing her sing. Despite not selling very well, she is everywhere and people can’t seem to get enough of her.

  10. I love Rihanna’s shoes! I like celebrities that are not afraid to step out and be different. Rihanna pulls this look off really well.

    Meagan still has that botox look to me. No doubt she is a beautiful girl, her face just always looks too tight. She doesn’t look comfy on the show as the pictures show her pulling up her dress and holding it tight at the back when she bends. BUT i do love the black and white photos as well as the very last photo.

    Love edgy european styles, quirky looks and afro centric and ethnic looks.

  11. This post has a superstar like Rihanna and pics of a whack ass Meagan Good half naked as usual and barely 10 people have bothered to comment. The last Beyonce post got nearly 60 comments and all s he was doing is walking out of a cafe. Anyone want to talk about how people are supposedly so tired and fed up with her ๐Ÿ˜† Beyonce can still pull them in no like no one else.

  12. Rihanna looks great. I like the hair, the outfit and definately the shoes. She is fierce!!! as always. I know her albums don’t sell that well but her face and name are always circulating. I think she is doing well in her own right b/c people love her. If she makes her money off of singles…… then hey!!! At least its comming in. Meagan looks nice in those shots. She looks O.K. on 106 &Park but once again, she is recycling those shoes. And is it just me or does she remind of Beyonce when she was promoting B’Day on 106 & park??? Remember she had on a red skirt with a red belt/sash. I really like that outfit (that’s why I remembered)

  13. Damn_You_Beyonce
    seem to me like you’re trying to bring her name in here to redirect the atention toward her you’re asad ass
    at the end of the day rihanna is 100000 prettier thinner and classier and megan loool she might be whack but beyonce’s fat ass wich she had her body
    kick rocks hater!

    The two sistas are looking fierce i have the balenciage rainbow shoes and i wear them at least twice a week so i cant be mad at megan

    Stephanie i got love for you but So much for “uprising your fellow sisters ” your comment on rihanna was harsh real harsh and you still haven’t post the bags that had be designed for her whatever she did to you i hope you can forgive her
    but its all good as long as she will stay this gorgeous nothing will happen to her career at her worst she can be a supermodel wich is not the case for everyone
    so all the haters need to eat a d-i.c’k

    lov lov

  14. Voice you are clearly dernaged. What sane person would even write something like that? Clearly you are a stan trying to live your life through another person. I see no harsh statements about Rihanna. It’s a well known fact that she and many like her (T Pain) are ringtone and download artists. Why do you think they repackaged her album and even though Damn You Beyonce is prolly as crazy as you are, she is right. People talk alot of smack about Beyonce but she still garners the most posts on this site and usually for doing nothing at all but walking down the street. Rihanna s supermodel, dream on crazy person, dream on. Lord where are all these crazy kids coming from? Oh yeah, school is out.

  15. OMG!!! Those boots are HOT!!!!!!!
    I feel you Stephanie, for $700, I will be wearing those things til they fell apart. ๐Ÿ™‚ Rhianna’s hair is nice for the summer.

  16. @Damn_You_Beyonce lately there have not been alot of posting about your girl so cut it out lol. Rihanna style is so fly right now nobody can not touch her. She look so refresh and fly you go girl. Yes i seen them shoes in a book and me and my sister was going crazy over them. She rocking them right putting rosci a sham on 106 and park. Bring back free now she have to hottest shoe game on Television.

  17. Its time for people to realize that rihanna is not where she’s at because of her sales
    she is pretty and in today’s society that’s enough to climb the march of success
    That’s the way it goes don’t be mad at her ๐Ÿ™‚
    Nice boots but you will not catch me dead wearing them ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. hot,hot,hot this girl is killing it hands down she is not the best singer that didn stop the wailing cat mary j………… little miss sunshine. and remember that jay signed her and he knows talent, so far she has climbed to the top and will keep on making money no matter what people think

  19. Them damn boots are the business! I saw them in a mag months ago (diff color, same style) and fell in love with them then. However, I am short, so I can only admire from afar or settle for the shoe version which isn’t nearly as fab! *sighs*

  20. I dont care for rihanna and i think these boots are a bit too much… nevertheless she is a gorgeous looking woman
    megan looks good and she have a great body

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