Meagan Good Shines in Fox’s Minority Report

MEAGAN GOOD IN MINORITY REPORTAfter having just watched the pilot episode of Minority Report, Fox’s new sci-fi drama staring Meagan Good, I think I can safely say the actress has finally found her sweet spot.

Meagan is no stranger to leading lady status, having helmed NBC’s Deception back in 2013. However, if you watched that show, then you know that while Meagan was billed as the star, she was often cast aside in the storyline, which led to disgruntled fans, low ratings and eventual cancelation.

Fast forward a year and you’ll also remember Meagan teaming up with NBC again, this time to star in their zombie drama Babylon Fields. That show, however, never made it out of pilot status and was eventually canned.

Which leads us to where we are today.

Fox has finally gotten it right.

Watching the pilot, all I could think is this is Meagan’s show. Yeah, Minority Report is a television remake of the big screen film starring Tom Cruise, but this isn’t your parents’ Minority Report.

Meagan is front and center and the show revolves around her, not her male co-star, and not the show’s solo white female.

Anyone expecting to tune in and watch Meagan play backup to Stark Sands’ character of Dash, will be sorely disappointed. He’s Meagan’s sidekick, not vise versa.

Having recently started watching Elementary on Hulu, this makes me happy. I like the show, but as usual, when the female lead is a woman of color, they are often more sidekick than lead- anyone whose watched Sleepy Hollow knows this to be true.

Because of that, my excitement for Meagan is slightly tempered. We have twelve more episodes to sit through. Like Sleepy Hollow, the writers might eventually pull a bait and switch on us.

But as of now, Minority Report is worth your time. Both Meagan and Sands are excellent, and I have no doubt a second season will be on tap.

Minority Report will premiere September 21 on Fox at 9pm.

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By the way, someone on Twitter asked if I got any shipper feelings from Lara (Meagan) and Dash. The answer is NO. While Lara is sexy, and the show makes sure you never forget that with it’s many angles focused on Meagan’s many curves, Dash is so not into women… or men. Dude is sitting home at night watching SpongeBob. They’re definitely not trying to make him into any type of sexy leading man. He’s even more twitchy than Ichabod.


  1. Sustainable, where did you see the pilot? Did you get a special viewing because you’re media?

    Thanks for the review. I’m looking forward to the show.

  2. Agree with everything except I think Fox is TRYING to make the ship happen. (Slight spoilers from here on if you didn’t see the pilot; be warned)

    He’s awkward, but he lingered far too long on those swimsuit shots of her. Lara’s mom came over and asked if Dash was her boyfriend. I don’t feel anywhere near the chemistry Abbie and Ichabod have, but I see possibilities. Perhaps Fox wants us to perceive him as asexual initially because he’s inexperienced, like a child approaching puberty. I can see them awkwardly broaching the virginity subject at some point and that opens up loads of possibilities.

    I’m looking forward to this show, but it’s hard not to resent it when this is everything (so far) I wanted for Sleepy Hollow. I truly hope SH can recover from all of its missteps, but I’m afraid it might be too late. Though, if they finally have their priorities in the rightful order, maybe not.

  3. He did linger on those bathing suit pics pretty long 😆

    For me however, I felt like the show was just trying to find any reason to show off Meagan’s ample assets.

    Can you see Dash making that move on Lara? I can’t. His brother though. Now he’s a scoundrel.

    Dash probably doesn’t even touch himself. He’s as awkward as they come 😆

  4. I know the show leaked online a few weeks ago. Can anyone share a link?

  5. Sleepy Hollow and Minority Report are meant to be semi-clones of Scandal. It wasn’t until the success of that show that Hollywood started pairing up white men and black women. Sleepy Hollow writers deserted their original mission and thought they could do better pairing the white male with a white female. Abbie is Olivia and Katrina is Mellie. Tell me you guys haven’t missed the similarities. I haven’t seen Minority Report, but the similarities between it and Sleepy Hollow is creepy. You have an interracial duo where the black female is a cop and the white guy is a weirdo who needs to be babied. Abbie Mills had a Latino ex-boyfriend and so does Lara Vega. Minority Report even got Sleepy Hollow’s old Monday night time slot. The reason why Sleepy Hollow failed is because the show is written by white men. Plain and simple. They were incapable of truly viewing Abbie as a desirable female. They didn’t see Abbie as a full, beautiful and complex character so they wrote her out of the plot and dropped the nearest white woman in her place. It remains to be seen if MR will do the same. Like you said Sista, we’ve got an entire season to make it through. Anything can happen.

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