Meagan Good Sighting+Movie News

Meagan Good Spotted In West Hollywood Meagan Good was spotted last night leaving one of her favorite Hollywood night spots, Coco de Ville. The actress hasn’t been seen much since she finished promotion for her latest film, The Love Guru. The movie, which got horrid reviews, was probably meant to take Meagan’s career to the next level, but did so poorly at the box office no one will probably even remember she was in it. Luckily the critics only panned Mike Meyers performance and spared most of the remaining cast, Meagan included. Next up for the actress is Saw V (Halloween 2008), The Unborn (2009) and Caramel, a film where Meagan goes back to playing a teenager again.

More typical pics of the actresses nighclub escapades can be seen on the pages below.


  1. Well at least she has other projects ahead to make up for this disaster. lol

  2. another thing, why doesn’t she have a stylist? her fashion game sucks, but i still like her though

  3. Her skin look flawless go meaghan and yes she do need a stylist.

  4. I really would like to see Meagan in better roles. I think that and working on her acting skills is probably the key for her; being versatile won`t hurt either. She`s a beautiful woman and I`d like for her to have a career that matches her beauty.

    “Blame It On The Boogie” by-The Jacksons

    My baby`s always dancing
    And it wouldn`t be a bad thing
    But I don`t get no loving
    And that`s no lie

    We spent the night in Frisco
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    Don`t blame it on the sunshine
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  5. At least she’s working. Love the shoes. But that outfits sucks, she was going to a club?

  6. It’s time to give the kiddie roles the old heave-ho. Meagan needs to grow up on screen and then she will get better roles. I saw her in Eve’s Bayou and I’m telling you she is talented. Very talented. She just started taking the wrong roles and now she is caught in a rut. Underneath all those cheap hoochie roles is a girl who can act her behind off but just hasn’t been given a chance. I agree with whoever said in another post that she needs a role like that of Nia Long in Love Jones. Those roles are dead though so she’s got to use that production company of hers to create those roles. I’m tired of Tyler Perry movies. Where are the Black movies especially the love stories? I tell you we think we are moving ahead in Hollywood but we aren’t. Halle and Will Smith are only allowed to play opposite white men and women in their films and they are the two biggest Black names out there. I bet Hollywood would never hook them up in a film though. We have got to do better than this. Black love is dead at the movies and Black women are going jobless so ppl like Beyonce can work in a field she doesn’t belong in. Sanna Lathan hasn’t been in a movie in almost three years. It’s a damn shame.

  7. @Lonnie:

    I co-sign 100%. We definitely WON`T see Halle and Will carrying a movie together anytime soon. I, too, think that celebrities should stay in their lane. In other words, know your role.. If you`re a singer, sing. Leave the acting to the trained professionals. However, they wouldn`t get these roles if not for the writers and producers. SMH, SMH, SMH.

  8. If people listen to those who say “Stay in your lane/place”, there would be no progress. I say spread your wings and spread them wide. If Beyonce or any other celebrities want to be an actor/singer/producer/fashion designer/song writer…, I say go for it. If it doesn’t work out, swicth your style up / move on. Don’t let people tell you what you can’t and shouldn’t do. It’s their limitations NOT yours.

  9. I’ve come to the conclusion that Megan dosen’t like handbags ,pocket books, clutches or purses. lol Good luck to her with her carreer.

    @ smooth criminal
    can you finish this phrase
    Don’t stop til you get enough keep on……..???????? ever since I was a kid I always wondered what he was saying. I have heard so many different answers.

  10. @mo`star:

    Don`t stop til` you get enough, keep on with the force stop, don`t stop til` you get enough.

  11. I like Meagan as an actress. I really do. But in order for her to get better movie roles, she is going to have to step up to the plate on her own. Nothing in hollywood is handed to any woman of color. That’s why I admire Halle Berry sooo much. Reflect back on when and how Halle got those starring roles at the beginning of her career.Ex. Losing Isaiah, Jungle Fever, Queen, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge….. Yes she is gorgeous, yes she is natural, one hell of an actress, and NO she didin’t/don’t cater to white America. Take Jungle Fever for example. She was turned down that role, but she knew for herself that, that would be her breakthrough. If you’ve ever seen a life story on Halle it explains how she went and observed first hand crack heads and prositutes on her own time. What she took from that is knowledge and the urge to go back and audition. Common sense tells you she got the part the second time she auditioned. The point I am trying to make is that Meagan has to have to strength to turn down rinky dink roles and go out there and work her butt off for something more serious. All black actresses should do this. Think about it. There aren’t that many big name black film directors. Eve’s Bayou was her best movie to date, but it’s sad that that is the only movie that really showcased her acting and that was over a decade ago.

  12. @snijanafluer, i disagree if you try and are good at it or you’re willing to work at it that’s different from say beyonce’. beyonce, as an actress has not worked on screen. carmen hip hopera was horrible. and her performance in dream girls where she plays a singer who goes solo, only got so so reviews. she should stick to singing and dancing.

  13. @ billy mays for orange glo

    Which part do you disagree with? You believe people should stay in their place/lane just because someone says so? If no, why is B an exception?
    I liked Carmen hip hopera btw lol

  14. The shoes are hot! Smooth Criminal i have to ask…what’s with the music lyrics on every post? Just curious.

  15. ^^^^ Its Tito making the post didnt you know lol

  16. @Mia:

    I`m a huge MJ, as well as a Jackson, fan. So I post lyrics of his/their songs as my own personal tribute. Glad you asked.

    Peace unto you sista.

  17. I love Meagan Good…she does have flawless skin and her shoe game is tight but I agree….she needs a better stylist!

    @ Mo’star…I’ve come to the same conclusion. She also seems addicted to her American Spirit “100% Additive-free” smokes…she always has a pack!

  18. “Smooth Criminal”, it’s me, “Smooth Thug”. I too love Michael Jackson lyrics. I also love the lyrics and phrases of the music from the 70’s Funk era; the music of George Clinton and Parliament, Bootsy Collins, The Fatback Band, The Gap Band, Funkadelic, etc. I also love the romance lyrics of the slow-jam songs of the 60’s. Whenever the topic under discussion has called for it, I’ve included romance lyrics in my posts to show how I pay tribute to my wonderful wife. Incidently, one individual by the name of “Lonnie” said that such lyrics were “annoying” and for me to stop including them in my posts. @ “Lonnie…..Yeah, ‘aight. Whatever. But look, “Smooth Criminal”, you keep on including MJ lyrics in your posts. His lyrics are fabulous and fit into the stream of the melody so perfectly that it only shows that MJ is musical genious. In general, your posts have substance, they are creative, they have vision, they have imagination, they are highly relevant, they are sublime, and they have texture. Here’s my way of telling you to keep your posts coming… I know you’ll understand the words:
    I’m giving you
    On the count of three
    To show your stuff
    Or let it be…

  19. I hate to write this, but something about her reminds me of Naomi Campbell…and not in a good way.

  20. Thank you Smooth Criminal

    I heard someone say that before but I wasn’t sure. My co-worker was singing Man in the Mirror and I just learned another phrase I always wondered about. “As I turned up the collar on my favorate winter coat this wind is blowing my mind”.
    I swear I had no Idea unti this past Tuesday what he was saying. LOL that’s sad.

  21. I like her “PLAIN JANE” look… I mean, I like the fact the she’s always dress down. PLUS SHE LOOKS GREAT!

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