Meagan Good Stomps The Yard

Meagan Good is starring in the new film “Stomp The Yard” which is due to hit theaters January 12th.Meagan plays the part of April who is of course the main character’s love interest.This is a role Meagan has played a million times and will probably play a million more.Though I’m sure “STY” is a fine film it is all about the fellas and Meagan and most of the other females in the movie will probably be sporadically seen eye candy at best.The premiere of “STY” went down in Cali last night and Meagan, along with many other Brown Sistas showed up for the festivities.You can check out Meagan below and look for pics of Lauren London and Gabrielle Union later on today.
Meagan GoodMeagan GoodMeagan Good

I have updated this article to include pics of Gabrielle Union, Tia Mowry, Niecy Nash, Angie Stone, Lauren London and Kenya Moore who also attended the “STY” premiere.
Lauren LondonGabrielle UnionKenya More
Niecy NashTia MowryAngie Stone & Darrin Henson


  1. We all had high hopes for Meagan and Jurnee Smolett when we saw then in Eve’s Bayou but neither has risen to the level we hoped.

    For Junrnee, she simply seems to be choosing her roles more carefully than Meagan and thus we don’t see her as much.

    Meagan on the other hand is always out there but has totally chosen the wrong roles and ended up as the Black bimbo in all her films.I don’t even know if I consider her to be as talented as I thought she was in Eve’s Bayou because everything I have seen her in since she performed terribly.

    She has allowed aligned herself too closely with rappers and that crowd and it is not helping her professionally.I don’t see her ever stepping up her game and becoming like a Sanaa or Gabrielle.Meagan will in other words never be the star of her own movie like Sanaa and Gabrielle have been.Meagan will always just be the Black eye candy and she seems happy to stay in that role.

  2. Meagan is trying to up her style game.That dress reminds me of the one she wore to the Playstation 3 Launch Party.She looks okay but like most Black chicks she went overboard with the weave and it takes away from the overall beauty of the dress.An updo would do her well.

    Gabby is looking fierce in that pic as it Neicy Nash who really knows how to dress like a lady.Kenya and Tia look very chic but Lauren London looks slightly disheveled.

    I loves me some Darren and Angie Stone.That pic of them together is beautiful 🙂

  3. Nothing special about her or her acting.Just another d-listed actress. 😐

  4. well i wouldn’t even say that megan good is a d list actress…she more like an Z list actress..she is just another ok face and she annoys me everytime I see her and here her voice really annoys me!!!!:booty:

  5. Meagan’s mom can be blamed for screwing up her career.She is Meagan’s agent and sends her daughter to play in these stupid films and videos.She is like a pimp to me.What type of mother would choose those types of roles for their daughter? Hustle & Heat, Cookout, Waist Deep and Fiddy’s 21 Questions video are all roles that helped solidify Meagan as cheap Black actress who will lick and suck face with anyone on screen.Even in white movies she is playing strippers, prostitues, runaways and whores.All the promise she had going for her after Eve’s Bayou has vanished.It will be Jurnee Smollett who will actually rise to challenge and become a strong Black actress worth being proud of.

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