Meagan Good Stops By 106 & Park

Actress Meagan Good stopped by BET’s 106 & Park to take part in their New Year’s celebration telecast which is pre-recorded.Other notable celebs to stop by were Busta Rhymes and that cute little girl group Cherish, whom we intend to feature a lot more of on this blog.You can check out some of the pics below and head on over to our gallery to see even more images from the taping. Enjoy!!
Meagan Good @ BET PartyMeagan Good @ BET PartyMeagan Good @ BET Party

Busta Rhymes & Meagan Good

Want more Meagan- check out her Picture Page here.


  1. Meagan’s funny looking self sure has come a long way.She could go far if she would choose better roles.She has firmly entrenched herself in the ghetto girl role and it will be hard for her to get out of it now.She could be on the level of Sanna Lathan or Gabrielle Union if she would just give up her desire to play a slut or teenager in all her films.

  2. I love this site.Nothing but beautiful Black performers without the insults and gossip.Meagan is lovely and a wonderful actress.Hopefully she will grow past doing certain roles and I look forward to that.I wish her luck in her career and hope she is around for years to come.

  3. Meagan is another one of those Black female actresses with ni official website to keep her fans up to date.Who in this day and age doesn’t have a website- Black folks- that’s who. :thumbsdown:

  4. I don’t really know too much about this sista because I haven’t seen her in anything since Eve’s Bayou.I remember thinking she and the her sister in the film would be great actresses when they grew up because they were already holding it down as kids.Sorry to hear Meagan took the wrong path and chooses roles that degrade her and Black women.Maybe the other girl will make better choices.

  5. Meagan grew to be a cutie but once she got there she pulled a “I ain’t really Black” trip and I haven’t been a fan since.While she was 20 years old she had damn braces and looked like a straight up nerd.She went got breast implants and a weave and turned into someone who was Black, French, Indian and Hispanic.I was too through with her after that.

  6. I agree.Megan good who looks obviously black claims she is latina,french indian and black..Bull shit.This girl is cute but full of lies and denial.

  7. I am sure Meagan is a mixture of all those things.I have seen her mother who is quite fair but no brazen beauty by anyone’s standards.As a matter of fact if you see her you’ll know where Meagan got those big teeth from before she had’em fixed.

    Because Meagan is a little light and has added a good white girl’s silky weave, she can now pass so to speak as a hot light skin woman and get the benefits that come with that which is movie roles as the pretty girl.

    It is long forgotten how she really looks.Her Blackness is now distant memory now that she, like Beyonce, can pass as mixed women.I mean we all know pretty Black girls are mixed anyway right? It’s a stereotype Black women themselves have no problem keeping alive.

  8. I dont believe for one second that she is mixed. I have seen people who are “25 percent black” and they look nothing like her..Lets take Rosario dawson.She is Puerto rican,African American and Irish.Meagan says she is African american,french,native american and puerto rican but yet she looks all black? Give me a break. that bitch is a liar.

  9. Meagan done let all that pretty horse hair go to her head.She should remove it and see how far she gets in Hollywood without it.

  10. I am disgusted with that if it is true. She can say she is african american with Irish & Indian, but to say you are not black…. that is too much. The whites are propbably laughing at her, you know how they do, once you got it in you they just call u black. I bet she’d accept an award with the words African American attached to it. I betta not see her on BET no more:lol2:

  11. not all mixed people are light and bright, we do have mixed people that are dark so how can you call her a liar

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