Meagan Good Talks “Happy Love Weight”

Actress Meagan Good graces the June 2008 cover of Sister 2 Sister Magazine and talks to editor in chief Jamie Foster Brown about her place on the Black Hollywood totem pole, her relationship with boyfriend Thomas Jones and what she thinks of the influence of gossip blogs. The actress also took the time to dispel pregnancy rumors she says were started by the gossip blogs and says her new ample figure was not the result of being pregnant but rather what she calls “Happy Love Weight”.

More of the interview below…

Jamie Foster Brown — It’s interesting, because you don’t see Black artists in those publications as much. You may see one or two in OK or US, but it’s interesting that they’re interested in taking pictures of you. Probably because of your inner beauty as well as your outer beauty.

Meagan Good — Thank you.

Jamie Foster Brown — Do you all ever wonder why you are not on Jay Leno’s Show? Does that bother you all?

Meagan Good — I’ve done “Conan O’ Brien” I’ve done “Jimmy Kimmel”, I’ve done a couple of those. I do believe I will do “Jay Leno,” but yeah, it does bother me that we’re not high in the rankings to be picked to do on those shows. Sometimes you see people on the show and you’re like who? What was it that they did? And you really just don’t know who it is. And they’ll put someone like them on the show before they put on Sanaa Lathan or Joy Bryant. It doesn’t baffle me, although it should, but the way the industry is, it doesn’t baffle me at all.


  1. Happy Love Weight

    This is another way of saying she let herself go. Many women do this once they find a man and become complacent. If I remember correctly Mekhi Pheiffer said that is why he left Malinda Williams. She stopped taking care of herself and trying to look good. Ladies if you don’t want to look good for your man you better believe another woman will.

  2. If you’re trying to look good for a guy, then it’s probably going to go downhill at some point. If you’re trying to look good so you can blow kisses at yourself in the mirror and admire yourself in the dressing room, then no worries.

    I’ve never thought shows like Conan or Jay were hard to book. It’s a surprise to me that she’s never been on Jay Leno. But when I first saw that picture, I thought it was Danielle from ANTM.

  3. Meagan Good is a lower d list actress and you all are wondering why she hasn’t been on Leno. Uh DUH, she is a nobody who has been in a bunch of nobody movies. I just watched Waist Deep on HBO tonight and each time I see it the movie seems worse than the last time. Even my baby Larenz Tate was a mess. Until she lands a major role in a hit movie she will always be a nobody.

  4. i actually read the interview (i read s2s alot) and i didnt finish it. i was quite bored with it and i see why she doesnt get shows like leno. she keeps throwing religion in every conversation & honestly, no disrespect to ones beliefs, but the public isnt interested in that. you can have your own beliefs but people get uncomfortable when its constantly thrown in their face (i.e. TOM CRUISE & scientology). And the way she avoided giving real answers to alot of the questions made me wonder why she even did the interview in the first place! Then she didnt want to refer to her bf by his name or discuss if she went to his games…does she not know that everyone can use a little search engine named GOOGLE that will display any images of them in public together posing on red carpets & anyone that pays attention to football knows his name??? seriously, she’s doing a bad beyonce/jay-z imitation & just like with them…im bored with it..the letters in that issue from readers were more interesting….

  5. Meagan didn’t put on that much weight. Sometimes she seemed more bloated than anything else. As long as Thomas likes the extra flesh I guess that’s all that counts. By the way, I bet a million bucks women who gain weight after marriage will start using that happy love weight as an excuse too. I give it to Meagan, she has imagination. 😆

  6. Keep doing your thing, Meagan. And you look GREAT!!! A few extra pounds is nothing.

  7. Umm, why the Jay Leno mention? Why did JFB even bring it up? She’s obviously been on other shows… Isn’t she an actress and not a talk-show guest? 😆 That’s just kind of weird, the question there, but in a way I get what she’s getting at. Still being on the best talk show don’t always amount to much; it’s what you DO and what you’re DOING. Maybe she’ll have her chance after this ‘Love Guru’ movie. 🙂 I saw an advertisement for it and cracked up because Mike Meyers is for lack of a better word, crazy! LOL. Love his characters. Good luck to Megan.

  8. i not really a fan of hers because i believe she accepts the same type of role over and over again. and that is boring. i agree with one of the posters above she’s d-list and she african american, of course she’s not on leno.

  9. Why do we denigrate OURSELVES. Why is she d-list? Because “mainstream media” has not caught on. We need to embrace our artists and decide the are “A” list because “we” say they are.

    If tomorrow she wass on the cover of vogue, you same nay-sayers would be all on her. I think she handles herself like a lady, so that makes her “A” list in my book.

    Do ya’ thang Meagan. P.S. Keep writing and producing!!! Make your own opportunities.

  10. i agree with anybody who says meghan good is d list or whatever alphabet letter you want to give her man..! her acting skills are very questionalble and yet she wants to be on jay leno, why? there goes another case of negro trying to implore the white man`s pity, how will your appearance on jay leno improve your acting skills?
    happy love weight? now i dont know what to think of that !if you`re happy cool GOD bless ya sista!

  11. @ Dark Angel:
    I got some friendly fire for ya!! I do hear what you are saying but I can’t say that for megan. Although she did gain weight, her body overall looked great, her hair, clothes and face too! I dont’ think she let herself go, I think she is comfortable in her own skin…..and you never know, HE may like it!!!!

  12. Let yourself go will mean stop being on very dangerous diet and or stop starving yourself to please an other (fat ass sitting in front of their computer with ice cream) opinionated person? i don’t think so if she says she is happy like that than let her be !!! and what does a d-list mean? to me either you’re a celebrity meaning more than 100 people know you because of your profession or you not one ! some of you need to shut up 🙂

  13. shouldnt she be asking her publicist (if one exists) why she aint on Leno?

  14. I’m sorry I know most of you disagree–but I bear witness to the “happy love weight gain” and it is not the same as “letting yourself go” because I am quite fly now–and was quite fly even when I gained the weight. When my husband and I got married, we spent as much time as we could cuddled up together, day in and day out trying to stay in as much as possible and stay as close as possible. Sitting around together in bed and on couches and gazing into one another’s eyes is not really conducive to burning calories. I had to carve out the time to work out, and I finally decided to do it at 5 am, because outside of work I could not bear to be apart from him for any extended length of time. We are still this way today.
    Happy Love Weight exists…but its a different kind of love than what most of us are imagining. It is not about “just letting yourself go”.
    Even now, I work out in the wee hours of the morning, because pulling my hand away from his in the evening, and seeing his eyes look disappointed that I’m leaving, is not a sight that I enjoy.

  15. @Liyah
    I just read your post to Dark Angel and you took the words right out of my mouth.

  16. @voice

    hahahahahahahahah! Count on you to be candid!

  17. 😆 HAPPY LOVE WEIGHT. Don’t listen to this woman ladies. Meagan has lost all that fat she gained cause she knows her man probably wasn’t happy with it even though she may have been. Keep yourselves up sistas. If your man got with you and you were a size 8, 10, 12, whatever. You need to maintain size or chances are your man won’t be happy with you anymore. Be honest. If your man went up by 2 or 3 sizes would you be happy with his new look?

  18. I don’t think any of the picures indicated that she had even gone up a full dress size. Her breasts and hips got larger. When I got married, my breasts, hips, and behind got bigger. Some people say that kind of “weight gain” is the result of hormones being released because you are finally getting “blanked” right…I would tend to agree 😉

    Either way, Meagan didn’t gain any significant amount of weight and honestly, I believe that she was either pregnant, or was having a reaction to birth control pills, both of which would put weight on in those areas. She was still more beautiful than ANY of the people on here who are implying that she was fat…and they know it. lol

  19. No matter if you” keep yourself up” or not a man is going to do what a man is going to do………..if this sista is happy with herself this is the truest happiness she will ever have.


  20. Judging from the above photo I don`t think Meagan gained a whole lot of weight. It`s not like she put on 60 pds. (LOL) The little weight that she may have gained seems to be all in the right place without a drastic change. (meaning we, men, do like some hips and of course some booty) I`m just keepin` it real. Meagan is a gorgeous woman who could probably gain 20-30 pds and still look great because she`s now at an ideal weight. She`s not plump by any means. As long as she stays within 20-30 pds of her normal weight I don`t see a problem.

    There are different kinds of weight gain as she alluded to. There`s HAPPY weight and there`s DEPRESSED weight. As long as it`s HAPPY weight she shouldn`t as way say, “Go completely down hill”. Also being in the acting business I don`t think she`ll be that careless. It`s hard enough as it is for sistas to get roles. Once again judging from the above photo Meagan isn`t anywhere near being in the DANGER zone…

    Lyrics from “Fly Away” by my man MJ (King Of Pop)

    Our love`s in season
    Give me a reason cause
    You know we`ll never part
    Our love goodbye

    And together we`ll fly
    I`ll give you my heart
    There`s no place too far for us
    We don`t need it

    Baby don`t make me
    Baby don`t make me
    Baby don`t make me
    Fly Away
    Gonna stay
    Love today

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