Meagan Wants to Play Whitney

During a recent interview with Vibe online, Meagan Good disclosed that she was presently working on a project to bring Whitney Houston’s life story to the masses. Noting that the project hasn’t actually gotten off the ground yet, the 29 year actress added that she believes the idea will come to fruition once she and Houston sit down and start developing the script.

Asked if she thought she was the right person to play the part of the six time Grammy winner, Meagan said “yes,” adding that she “feels” Houston and thinks the public “doesn’t really know who she is.”

Meagan is not the first actress to want to tackle the still evolving life and career of Whitney. As far back as 2006 actress Vivica A. Fox let it be known that she was shopping the idea of a Houston biopic around, with her as the lead. “I would love to play Whitney. It’s something that I’ve put out in the universe. I did approach some people, but they felt that right now wasn’t the right time to do it. But whenever they do that or whenever it is done, it would be my dream role. I think Whitney is an incredible entertainer, she’s a great woman, and because of things that are happening in her life right now, a lot of people have forgotten her contribution to the music industry. I want to remind them,” she told Black Voices.

I always thought Vivica would be excellent in the part of Houston, given their similar look, but most of all, Vivica’s acting skills. Girlfriend is one good ass actress (thanks Kanye) and any role starring Whitney would have to involve an array of emotion. From good girl to strung out addict, I think Vivica could handle the part just as beautifully as Angela Bassett handled the role of Tina Turner.

As for Meagan, maybe she has an acting range never before seen on camera and could bring the life story of Whitney alive with vigor we have never seen from her before. But as of right now, if I had to choose who I would like to see play the role of Whitney, I would have to say Vivica.


  1. LOL, in her dreams! Never happen. First of all, Houston has yet to write her autobiography. 2nd, I think Paula Patton is a better actress to play the role.

  2. I absolutely adore Meagan, but NO! Aaliyah was cool, but not Whitney. Whitney is my all time favorite singer. Paula Patton doesn’t really give off a Whitney Houston aura. LOL. It’s hard to put a finger on who would be good for the role though.

  3. I can’t see Meagan or Paula in the role but if a movie about Whitney’s life is ever made I ‘m going to watch it no matter who the lead is.

    Vivica however has the it factor to pull off the real home-girl edge that Whitney has.

    Meagan’s acting is iffy and Paula I just don’t know too much about. I have seen several of her movies and I just don’t see her as Whitney.

  4. How about Tasha Smith (Why Did I Get Married, The Game)?

    I heard she was also interested in playing the role of Donna Summer.

    Tasha would kill the role. I have to say Vivica would too.

    Meagan NO. Paula No.

  5. Whitney’s life is still evolving. I don’t see either of them and definitely not megan goode.

    Whitney said herself that it was too early for her biopic/autobiography and when it is the time, you can bet that whitney will have a big say in it as she owns her own production company that brought us
    The princess Diaries
    The Cheetah Girls
    Cinderella etc
    Paula Patton doesn’t seem to have the acting chops for this.

    Whenever it is done, it needs to be done right as whitney is culturally significant to the masses but best believe i’ll see it.

  6. @Jason, I think Tasha would be a good choice! And I also heard about her being offered the role of Donna Summer as well, and I got excited! I hope to see her in more movies.

  7. i don’t think its too early to do Whitney’s life. She has been through enough to make a great story. Plus she is almost 50 years old. Whitney is no spring chicken. A movie was made about MJ while he was in his late 30’s or early 40’s I think.

  8. Girl bye. First you wanted to play Aaliyah, now Whitney? Are you planning on directing these movies or are you just hoping thag one of these biographies are in the works and that Maybe the director will pick you?

  9. First and foremost I’m tired of these actors/directors saying these movies are in the works and then years later we still haven’t seen anything ie(Aaliyah). Also I think Vivica would be a magnificent choice for Whitney, idk if ya’ll forgot but that woman can ACT! Megan? umm idk. Hopefully this production does come to fruitation soon.

  10. And while I was typing I was thinking, from the looks and even the acting chops, maybe even Jada could kill a roll like this.

  11. the only thing I want to know is, when is Janet going to stop playing and give us the eartha kitt biopic?

    as far ss Whitney is concerned, I really don’t see how her lifestory would be interesting for a movie. sorry. but everything has pretty much been said and written about her life already. i’m not trying to be a hater but , whitney’s life really isn’t glamorous. i fear that this movie maybe another Natalie Cole movie. And I love Whitney but I would love to see a movie about a black actress or singer that lived an interesting and fabo life, like Eartha Kitt from Orsen Wells calling her the most exciting woman alive, to her affair with the Revlon billionaire,being banned from the white house.Her love affairs. Being an international sex symbol. Now, I would watch a movie about Janet marrying Debarge, Renee to dating an international arab businessman.

    What I’m trying to say, is that I want to see movies, in which black women aren’t living everyday lives, and I fear that Whitney life isn’t glamorous enough. Not enough awe factor. Now, if she writes a book in which she talks about an affair she had with an international businessman, or a politican, or something unbelievably juicy, than i’m all for it. if not, i’ll pass.

  12. The best person to play Whitney would have to be Kelly Rowland first and Letoya Luckett second.

  13. I,dont think Megan or Vivica,are good for the role of whitney. I agree with someone who see a black woman like Lena Horne a regal black woman who fought for equality and lived a long life. Maya Angelou, Cicily Tyson, women who dealt with the harshness of being black and still lived lives of courage. A Whitney movie wouldnt really do to well today.

  14. First @ Bowhe how can you say that her life is not glamorous enough? That is how we came to know and lover her is because of her glamorous life as a model, and fablous and sensational singer with a voice blessed by GOD! And Yes Janet is dating a international businessman but she has lived her life in front of the media, and her life has been well documented because of her being a Jackson.

    @ Gigi…I was trying to think of who would do the Whitney role justice. I like the idea of Kelly Roland. She is a beautiful singer and she can act. Idk about Letoya.

    Finally,,,I agree with everyone who said that they believe it is too early for the Whitney Houston story. I enjoyed the Natalie Cole movie. I grew up listen to her music and was very sad when she went through the difficult periods in her life. I was overjoyed when she began focusing on her health and singing again. With that being said I think doing a movie about Whitney Houston now is a lil pre-mature. I believe that she has so much more to show the world with her talents as one of the most dynamic singers in my generation, actress, and businesswoman. Megan is not my choice and I think Vivica (although I love me some Viv) is a little too old for this role. I would love to see a black actress that has the beautiful brown skin that Whitney has and can sing better then the norm. Although no one will be a match for her singing skills. A person like this would make the role more believable.

  15. A movie about Whitney would be interesting in about 20-30 years.(Whitney is only in her 40’s and still building a story.) But, this Meagan chick is as mediocre of an actress as they come. How in hell is she going to pull out the drama that is Whitney’s life or the greatest voice of them all? She needs to step away from this and continue with club and bed hopping. If nothing else comes her way she will always have Cousin Skeeter. LMBO!

  16. Anika Noni Rose would be great as Whitney. She has an amazing vocal range and the acting chops to bring Whitney to life on the big screen. She also has the looks. If only Kelly Rowland could act or sing. LOL!

  17. It’s time for a Whitney movie. She’s in her what? 40’s. Nobody’s gonna be interested in about 20-30 years. In 20-30 years people are gonna want to see a movie about Beyonce. Whitney’s movie will be similar to Ike and Tina. You got drugs, abuse, and music involved. What’ll be interesting is how and who will play Bobby.

  18. i agree with Hell to the Naw!, Anika Noni Rose would be an excellant choice!!

  19. I don’t think Meagan has any talent beside being pretty; I can’t wait for her to prove me wrong but i don’t want it to be with something as important as Whitney Houston’s biopic, because if she flank it like the latest biopic i have seen, i won’t forgive her.

  20. OOOh I’ve got it. The perfect person to play Whitney is Macy Gray. Yeaaaa boooyyyy.

  21. I know this aint got nothin’ to do with what yall talkin’ about but I would love to see Robbin Givens (she can act and she’s got the body and the look) to play the role of Earth Kitt, someone should be making a movie about her now that she has passed away

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