Meagan Good’s Allstar Weekend

The Jordan Brand Experience


  1. [quote post=”1676″]those two floatation devices she calls breasts[/quote]
    Dead :lol2:

  2. [quote comment=”3905″]Her cups runneth over. :mrgreen:[/quote]
    They always do.

  3. I agree the dress is nice but her boobs are push entirely too tightly together and it completely cheapens the whole look of her outfit. I can’t believe she stepped out looking like that.

  4. Those aren’t breast.They are beautiful cushioney pillows.Fall back ladies this post is for the men.

  5. Fall Back? Those look disgusting. She always looks so cheap & trashy to me. ALWAYS!!! Megan-Pamela Anderson

  6. i think meagan’s pretty but she does remind me of pamela anderson. she looked really good in the movie Waist Deep with tyrese…and she looked pretty good in Stomp the Yard. the dress is a tad too tight, but hey, if u got it FLAUNT it and if u don’t keep that issh COVERED UP.

  7. When did her bosom get so big? Did Imiss something? Either way, why are they flowing over her dress like that. That’s just too much cleavage.

  8. Some things only a man can understand.We acknowledge she looks a bit slutty but we like it anyway. :mrgreen:

  9. I think our young black women are getting to be so hollywood these days. It is ridiculous how many things our black women are getting adjusted. Then when one of the sisters keeps it real & doesn’t go under the knife, there are websites saying they have hit the wall or they aged badly. I am so disgusted by Hollywood. Even Beyonce, at the allstar game, she looks like she got collegen in her lips now. Hollywood is harming the young people, teens and all :noway:

  10. I desperately want Meagan to get herself a stylist or another stylist. I am so sick of seeing her looking like a street walker. Every top she owns is cut the same way. Give us a break, PLEASE!! :stop:

  11. Why are we so hard on our sex symbols? Just as White Ameica has Pamela Anderson and Scarlette Johansen, we have Meagan Good and a few others.Let’s big up rather than call them names.Meagan isn’t a slut.She hasn’t posed nude or screwed her way to the top.She is a working actress and has been all her life.Let’s support the sista and her dynamic boobies 🙂

  12. I’m not calling the girl a slut because I haven’t really heard anything about her sleeping around. I respect her as a black woman and a working actress. However, we need to learn that being a sex symbol doesn’t mean you have to show all the goodies all the time. I mean it’s fine to show some skin sometime, but it seems that I see a lot of Megan’s goodies on a regular basis. You can wear clothes that don’t show everything and still be sexy. I do it everday :brownsista:

  13. :brownsista:I love Meagan Good. To me she is LL’s definition of an around the way girl. Plus she is representin’ for the small sistas. Yeah her cups runneth over in this pic, but the chic’s gotta be nothing more than a size 2. She looks cheap in this pic, but otherwise I think she always looks fab. She has this “hood” prettiness about her and I can respect that. :brownsista:

  14. I agree with shay. Too many women equate being sexy with being half naked and that is NOT the case. My mom always taught me to “give a man a chance to wonder”. You show it too much and it becomes old news fast. :booty:

  15. Meagan good ain’t even that big a star. she’s lucky websites like this pay attention to her. she continues to play all these teeny bopper roles, show of her ass in king but can’t do a decent movie. She must be looking for a man cause with her movies she surely ain’t gonna win an award any time soon.

  16. I have watched Megan grow up in front of the cameras. She actually is a beautiful black sista. She did not need to increase her boobs that much. She now looks fake. Lets all remember how horrible Lil Kim looks these days. She has done so much plastic surgery she looks like an alien. I hope the rest of the black sista’s work with what the Good Lord gave them and stop with the plastic surgery, Please!!!:brownsista:

  17. I find it funny that so many people get drawn in to the crap that is Hollywood beauty. Yes her face looks pretty, and yes she has, as men would say, “a rack”, but what does she REALLY look like? Take off the weave, wash off the makeup and remove the implants and what do you have? Just another nobody with an acting career stuck on park. To me, this is just another woman that has a big problem with being herself, and that is nowhere near impressive. And how exactly is she “representing the small sistas”? She’s representing for the breast implant industry..representing for all the people who believe that beauty is skin deep…representing for the women that would rather be something they’re not than be who they really are. The only reason her face is still around is because her fanbase is probably over 50% male. You’ll never see this chick win an oscar like Jennifer Hudson until she chooses to put down that mug of hollywood hype and grab a glass of cold hard facts. Until then she’s just another hood chick wishing the world would believe she’s a celibate religious good girl, when everything about her screams otherwise.

  18. first of all, meagan does not have implants. if u look at the pic, she’s wearing a push up bra. Second ya’ll need to stop hatin b/c meagan is pretty even without make up, she looks the same. And third, i’m sick of ppl saying that she’ll never be a gabrielle union or sanaa, b/c when was the last time they were in a high grossing movie? I can name one for meagan, uh Stomp the yard. And second of all all pretty black women get their start as playing the eye candy of the movie but meagan is going to be in a lot of upcoming projects this year so she’ll find that breakout role. And also, she’s young so let her have fun on the screen while it she can. she has time to play millions of other roles. so do me a favor and just stop hatin.:stop::hater:

  19. HEy meagon good this your fan ebony williams you were good in Stomp the Yard:iagree::lol2::roll:Some celebritys are:hater:’s

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