Meagan Good’s Birthday Bash

Actress Meagan Good celebrated her twenty-sixth birthday at the Les Deux night club in Hollywood, California. Meagan was joined by her sister Lamaya, singer Brandy, and actress Tisha Campbell who was also accompanied by her husband Duane Martin. Photos of the partygoers leaving the night club were posted earlier this week and now we have exclusive images from inside the celebration as well.


  1. she still a drunk.i saw a video of her on you tube and she was wasted as always.. dont follow this woman.she is headed towards a

  2. I have seen quite a few pics of her carry cigarettes and she has amazing skin for a smoker. Maybe it will catch up with her later but right now even without making she looks so flawless and young. :brownsista:

  3. Happy B-lated birthday Meagan, I know you’re having fun but don’t get too carried away. We don’t want to see a black Lindsay Lohan. We’re sick of seeing Lindsay herself.

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