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Meagan Good I was totally bored today and had posted all the articles I intended to post until I came across these gawd awful photos of Meagan Good and her new boobs decked out in a dress I have seen her wearing several times before. Now I know in the past it has been said she had been augmented but I didn’t believe it or care for that matter. It’s not like plastic surgery is new to celebs. But once I got a whiff of these new uber boobs of hers, I was too through. For a sista who is always complaining of not being taken seriously as an actress, she is making all the wrong moves in order to be taken seriously.

No one considers women like those who were featured on Baywatch to be serious actresses and Meagan will soon discover that and why. Enlarging the size is your bosom is guaranteed to make Hollywood think you are only interested in being seen as a sex symbol or better yet- object. So if Meagan thought it was hard getting work as a Black actress before, she has gone and made it that much harder for herself. What on Earth was she thinking?

Besides her new fake breasts, my other pet peeve is this dress she chose to wear to the Beckham’s Coming Out party. She is a woman with money and we all know her footballer boyfriend has money, so why oh why would she wear this dress yet again to another high profile event? I was very pleased with her look at the MTV Movie Awards but she has gone and ruined all that with the awful new boobs, fake hair, bad make-up and tacky dress.

Shame on you Meagan… SHAME !

Meagan GoodMeagan Good


  1. Yeah at first glance it looks like even MORE surgery but honestly she looks a little pggly wiggly to me. It’s either the dress or she looks like she has gained quite a bit of weight, especially in the face.

  2. She was sooo beautiful the last time you all posted her here. I think she may have brought in a stylist seeing as the MTV Awards were a big event with national press coverage. Posh and Beck is a big event too but Meagan didn’t know that and that is why she came looking so scruffy. She almost looks like she didn’t bathe and the hair is just too much. I can’t tell if she has increased bust size either but I agree with Stella in that she looks alot fatter than she did a few weeks ago.

  3. She looks rather greasy in those pictures. I can fry some chicken with the amount of oil on her face :lol2:

    Nonetheless, she is still pretty. Nice boobs and pretty smile…

  4. Did it dawn on anyone that maybe she is pregnant? I saw another pic of her from the same event with her boyfriend and I swear she looks very big and in the early stages of pregnancy. She was big all the way round and her breasts look so large because they filling up with milk. Yeah I know that’s not too sexy for the fellas but that’s my take on the situation 😆

  5. Oh yeah I see now. Look at her waiste in the second pic above and you can see her fat roll. 😆
    I don’t think it’s really fat though. She does look a little preggers. OOOH congratulations to her if she is. :dance2:

  6. Meagan is not looking good on these pics. She’s pretty but she needs an emergency style upgrade quick. From what I’ve seen of the Beckmens party everybody else looked good.

  7. typo I meant Beckham’s but we all make mistakes 🙂

  8. Her makeup looks fine – just a little shiny. Was it humid outside?

    IMO, she looks as though she is expecting simply because she now has a fuller face, larger breast and the ‘luv handles’ around her waist in that dress. Then again, maybe she simply picked up a few pounds and that dress doesn’t fit her like it did a few years ago.

    Speaking of the dress, Meagan should know that once you are in Hollywood it is taboo to wear the same dress more than once. But at least she switched up the earrings 😆

    She still looks good though – go Meagan!

  9. I don’t think Meagan could gain that much weight that fast unless she was pregnant. She doesn’t strike me as an out of control eater like Janet Jackson is. Very few Hollywood women just gain weight for the heck of it because usually their careers demand they stay fit. I think she may be pregnant too but I guess only time will tell if we are right.

  10. Crisco is not a facial product, and MG knew she was a mile to big for that dress and that bra, so all I have to say is “why??”. The shoes are cute though, but as per usual with MG, I’ve seen them before about 100000000000 times…. 🙄

  11. dude meagan, what were you thinking? you looked like a million bucks a couple weeks ago now I don’t know what to think. i thought you wanted people to know you as a actor, not a sex icon!


  13. Really? Fake hair? I’d never guess. How can you tell? 🙄

  14. I think her face, hair and body looks great. She gained a little weight GOOD! She needed weight. But what she didn’t need was that HORRIBLE DRESS!!! that dress is UGLY and does not compliment her at all to me.

    But she is a beautiful women.

  15. Did any of you stop to think that if she looked amazing two weeks ago, then perhaps two weeks LATER she is BLOATED?!

    I always seem to swell up about five pounds a few days before my period. AND my face is oily as all hell AND breaks out with at least one zit! I don’t think she is preggos at all; just bloated.

    Furthermore, she looks like she is forcing a smile, like she didn’t really want to go out. I am thinking that she just threw this dress on because she wasn’t feeling so good. You guys know how it is. And perhaps she put this dress on because she is trying to cover up the fact that she is BLOATED! I cannot believe not one person wrote that! 😐

  16. I think she is pregnant. She doesn’t seem like the type to pick up weight so quickly like that, so I think she is.

  17. I totally agree with everyone but her boobs were already huge and makin em’ bigger confuses me, meagan good is one of the most beautiful women in the world and trust me she just had a bad rushed day. she did gain wait though? meagan good says she sick of being known as a beautiful women and she wants to be known as an actress, well breast implants is the wrong start and thats why people go for your beauty not your acting. funny meagan’s new movie she’s playin a lesbian.

  18. I dont know about pregnancy..but it’s pretty obvious that her and her boo has been eating good…lol :lol2: she is still sooo pretty to me

  19. It must be me because Meagan looks nice in these pictures. I personally don’t see the weight gain but if she did gain weight she is still small. As far as her boobs are concerned, I believe its the strapless bra she has on. I’m heavy-chested myself and when I put on a strapless bra, the bra tends to slide down a little bit. And when you’re already heavy chested a strapless bra is not going to make you smaller if anything you will look little bigger and your breast are more pronounced in your clothes. Meagan keep doing your thing!!!

  20. She is pretty to me. She has nice skin and cute hairstyles and stuff.
    I gain weight real fast too for every reason possible.
    There are plently of other women in the world that NEEDS to be picked on.

  21. she has just gained a little bit of weight. There is a comparison picture of her on concreteloop that shows her in the same dress a few years earlier and she’s definitely spilling out of it.

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