Meagan Good Works it Out

Meagan Good is gonna have a lot of explaining to do in church on Sunday if the congregation gets wind of what she did last night.

The 30-year old actress, singer and fiancé to preacher man DeVon Franklin, was caught working the stripper pole at the Pussycat Dolls Burlesque Saloon in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Of course it was all in fun, as it was the location of Meagan’s celebrity bachelorette party.

When asked what her fiancé thought of her having such a private event in such a public setting, Meagan said: “He is not ecstatic about it, but it’s a bachelorette party. It’s the last time before I’m a married woman, and he understands that.”

“He wants me to have fun and be happy and do the things that I want to do on my bucket list and not let people’s opinions of what I should and shouldn’t be doing control how we live our lives.”

“I’ve seen the Pussycat Dolls and know Robin Antin. It triggered something in me that said I want to do it just once.”
“It just seemed like so much fun, and I think every woman should get the chance to do it once and just feel beautiful, feel sexy, have fun, learn some choreography and steal the show.”

As for possibly going overboard- no chance. Meagan says she was accompanied to Sin City by both her and Franklin’s mother.

LOL. Talk about a buzz kill.


  1. This is really nice…being a Christian doesn’t mean not having some fun! A great role model for someone who’s grown up in front of the public. So this marriage is a big deal for our community!

    Congrats to Meagan!

  2. A big deal for our community? Who is our? The community of loose women with questionable morals?

    This girl’s club hopping and barely there wardrobe is nothing short of legendary and she lands a preacher no less.

    Decent women go unloved and unmarried while women like this, Kim K and Amber Rose have men lining up to wife them.

  3. I agree with you Caren. Meagan’s freak-ish ways have been on display for years and it lands her a so called Christian man of God. I think the fact that her final wish before she married was to publically play a stripper speaks volumes. This could have been done behind closed doors but instead she wanted to do it for the world to see.

    Talk about a big red flag.

  4. No offense, but I think you two ladies are being rather harsh. Megan Goode grew up in front of the cameras so yes her failures were/are there to see, but that doesn’t make her less decent/worthy of marrying a Christian man than anyone else.

    I just read in another article where she is celibate and waiting for her wedding night which I think is awesome.

    I think if the so called decent and unloved women would be less catty about other women, they may get that proposal. I don’t think anyone wants to marry a shrew!

    Now with all that said, if her husband to be gave his blessing for her bachelorette party, well that’s between the two of them. I personally didn’t have a bachelorette party, and wouldnt want pictures like that, but that’s me.

  5. awww apparently some people want to be Megan so badly that instead of worrying about getting their own lives together, they’d rather dissect and put her down…remember when you point a finger, you’ve got 3 point right back at you

  6. I hope/pray that the Word of God will eventually penetrate her heart and purge her from the inside out (dress the inside first). Not to judge but as Christians YES we ARE called to be a peculiar people (different) and our light is to shine. It is human to want the best of both worlds but we have to make a sacrafice for Christ and remember it is ALL for our benefit AND his Glory. In hollywood Christianity is diluted and compromised ALOT. Who knows, she could be the one to change it, it’s only the begining.

  7. @Danielle, I didn’t have a bachelortte (nor my husband a bachelor) party either. Just a bridal shower, that was good enough for me.

  8. I agree with many of these comments! I missed the memo that Meagan was a pig! I like the concept of “celibacy” in these times of escalating numbers of black women infected with HIV and other stds! I like that a black man chose a black woman while working in a predominately white world that easily chooses “other.” For the same reason I voted for Prez Obama, Michelle! Since when did dressing determine a person’s true Christian value??? Meagan also did this for her career (not to be pigeon-holed), as her it’s on the upswing and both moms were there, OK!

  9. @Liyah- I agree with you 100% girl. And kudos to you and your hubby for bucking ‘tradition’:)

    I think it’s interesting her fiance didn’t have a problem with the stripper pole in public. My husband would be like, that’s for his eyes only ha!

  10. As the saying goes, “you can’t turn a ho into a housewife.” As happy as I am for Megan Good, people with those tendencies don’t change overnight. I give this marriage a few years before it ends in divorce.

  11. Christian values or not, It’s her business what she does at her bachelorette party. Honestly, who cares? I don’t even understand why this is news (it’s not.)

  12. It’s news because it was a public event, complete with press release. I ain’t mad at her and wish her all the happiness. I’m sure it will last. I follow her on Twitter and she is a good person, you can tell. That said, she’s already justifying what she did on Twitter to people who think she is not really Christian. I don’t believe that. We all have a little devil in us. But she could have avoided the judgement had she kept this private event PRIVATE.

  13. its not that deep…its just Meagan Good….


  14. its really not that deep…i mean its JUST Meagan GOod…whats the argument? lol

  15. I agree with Danielle it is a bachelorette party. Safari, Draco, Liyah Caren you ladies are very critical and judgmental.

    J I agree with you Safari, Draco, Liyah and Caren remember the way you point your fingers at Megan Goode there are 4 more pointing at you as well.

    Anyhoo I think Megan looks sexy and I am happy for her. There is a lot of green going on this message board.

  16. @AJA
    There is NO judgement in my posts. People over use the word Judge just like they over use “Hater”. I spoke nothing but the truth in love, idk what YOU saw…

  17. @ Liyah

    Well like I stated I think she looks good and sexy and I am happy for and she got a preacher man 🙂 🙂

  18. @AJA There is no doubt that she looks great, she always has

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