Meagan Good’s Sister Joins the “Booster Club”

Actress Meagan Good came out last night to support her sister La’Miya Good in her first starring role. La’Miya, along with Traci Lords and Rashad McCants, star in “Booster Club,” a web series about a band of shoplifters.

In checking La’Miya’s IMDB page, I was shocked to discover the 31 year old beauty has almost as many acting credits as her younger sister.

Though known to most of the world as one fourth of the singing group Isyss, La’Miya has also been seen in “Judging Amy,” “Sister, Sister,” “The Parkers,” “ER” and “The Wood.” Future La’Miya projects include roles in “Crossed the Line” and “Video Girls,” a film her sister is producing.

La’Miya however does not plan to put her singing career on the back burner. She, along with her sister and good friends Sterling Victorian and Correa Bell have teamed up to start a new group, the H.E.L.L.O. Girls.

The entire group came out to support La’Miya last night and you can check out the pics below, as well as the trailer for “Booster Club.”


  1. Good luck with that.

    Isn’t the guy in the movie Khloe Kardashian’s old boyfriend?

  2. Meagan looks like what the girls in the Clueless movie calls a Monet. She looks pretty from a distance but up close it’s a disaster. She looks like a damn clown in that close up picture. My bad, a greasy clown. Class it up Meagan, the skank stage should of been over for you when Concrete Loop blasted your akward ‘we just had sex now what are we going to do’ pic with Jaime Foxx. Buy a new wardrobe and act like a woman that’s been in the business doin her thang and not the thang that’s been doin the business.

  3. I have to give the writer of this article much props. I saw these pictures on two other sites today and neither did anything more than post the pics and add some random words. Neither mentioned Meagan’s sister was in the movie or included the trailer. Kudos for actually reporting some news.

  4. I find it strange and hilarious that Meagan’s sis is 31. Back in 2002 when she was in that group Isyss, they said she was like 18 or 19, which means she would be a few years younger than Meagan if that were true. Hollywood is a trip. Lol

  5. @ Lol, yes I hate the fact that she doesn’t know how to put on makeup or spend her money wisely or make us beautiful black woman look trashy.

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