Meagan Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Meagan Good recently detailed her must have beauty products to the editors at Among some of Meagan’s favorites are a few I have actually tried myself. Meagan loves Maybelline’s Lash Stiletto Mascara, which I just so happened to have purchased about a month ago. The actress also loves Cargo’s Eyelighter eye brightening stick- another product I purchased earlier this year.

Check out Meagan’s list below and see if you share any beauty must haves with the actress.

Chanel Glossimer lip gloss in Gold Shine Go for the Gold
“I wear this Chanel lip gloss over red lips. Golden shades look good with my skin. It lasts so my lips shimmer through the night!”
$27; Chanel Glossimer lip gloss in Gold Shine

Clinique All About Eyes No Puffery
“No crows feet for me! This cream adds moisture to my eye area, but it doesn’t feel greasy at all.”
$28; Clinique All About Eyes

Cargo EyeLighter eye brightening stick Bright Idea
“This is an excellent tool to highlight the upper eyelid. It completely opens up my eyes. It really made my eyes pop!”
$17; Cargo EyeLighter eye brightening stick

Lierac Mat-Chrono skin priming lotion Welcome Matte
“This primer is perfect to use before I put on makeup. It keeps my face matte. Nobody likes to have a shiny face all day!”
$26; Lierac Mat-Chrono skin priming lotion

Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara Lashing Out
“My lashes extended beyond belief. It looks like I have fakes on! This amazing mascara is one of the best I’ve ever used.”
$8; Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara

True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere Body Cream Sweet Treat
“It’s like dessert for your body! This cream smells like crème brulee. I slather all over my body before bed and wake up in the morning with soft, delicious skin.”
$17.50; True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere Body Cream


  1. I don’t believe this stuff when I read it most of the time. I think these celebs are paid to say they use some of these products.

  2. She’s a little young (and black) to be worried about crows feet. All these quotes sound fake. She probably got free products or money in exchange for parroting them.

    Also any MG makeup post that doesn’t say anything about the shitload of eyebrow pencil she over-applies has got to be bogus.

  3. IDK if I want this advice. Did you guys get this before or after that white party? If it was after i won’t listen.

  4. Oh and just to let you sistas know. I tried that mascara. It’s no different from great lash. It looked nothing like fake lashes, it looked like lashes with mascara. If I were you girls I’d stay away. Because this chick is getting hella paid to say this stuff. All of these comments do sound like ads.

  5. I tried that mascara too and it is nothing to write home about. It has a cool name (which is why I bought it) but the handle is too big and uncomfortable to hold and the brush is too huge as well and is kinda messy to work it.

    I’m gonna have to agree with you all here. The quotes sound fake and and more than likely she got free stuff and was paid or asked to endorse them.

    Meagan btw is still cute to me but her most recent eyebrow shenanigans are questionable.

  6. Maybe her lashes are longer and thicker naturally than other people. When I wear Mascara (Black Opal) it does look like I have fake lashes on. Even my co-worker asks how my lashes look like that & hers don’t when she has on mascara. When we don’t wear mascara, I noticed that my lashes are longer & thicker than hers.

    What if she really does use these products, but she did not say it the way we read it up top. The website just made it look ad-ish.

  7. I’m gonna Try Black Opal now Tammy. I love mascara and lipgloss- can’t get enough of either.

  8. I 100% believe this is Meagan’s list and that she uses these products. I am pretty sure I have seen her with that Chanel lipgloss. She is forever carrying her things in her hands and lipgloss is always one of those things.

  9. Ok i can’t believe she said something about the shiny face, she almost always has a shiny, greasy looking face!! lol, but she’s still gorgeous though. I’m gonna have to get a tube of the stilletto lash, been wantin’ to try that any way, and the pulse vibrating perfection mascara too. That body cream she uses sounds kind of interesting as well. good tips!

  10. did meagan say these are wonderful products run out and buy them. No, these are her must haves. What works for one may not work for others. Who would lie about some $8 mascara?

  11. @ Valerie

    Who would lie about some $8 mascara?

    Some one that may be getting paid to, or someone that gets free make up jobs for saying so.

    @ Tammy

    You are right some people do have naturally long lashes.

  12. Ok, Meagan is a beautiful girl, and she does use beauty products, so why can’t she be telling the truth about what she uses. What works for one person does not necessarily work for another. Chill.

    Oksy Valerie, get outta my head, lol.

  13. Meagan is concerned about crow’s feet, yet she keeps puffing away on Cigarettes, Not smoking is a huge beauty secret

  14. It’s not just megan, but alot of these celbritys endorse products they don’t use. Most of them get facials and treatments given by doctors. Take Beyonce, Ashanti and Alicia Keys for example, they all endorse products. Beyonce endorses Loreal,her make up artist named some cheap wipes to take her make up off, and Kim Kimble uses her own products and other products that are NOT from Loreal. Ashanti endorsed Herbal Essences, but I have never read her saying she uses it, she has named other products that she used. And Alica Keys had proactive, her make up artist gets her to use anti acne products from Biore for acne. These people lie for moolah, and I don’t blame them. I was just trying to warn people before they spend their hard earned money. Meagan might actually use this stuff, but she probably doesn’t.

  15. Meagan used to be the most beautiful girl but now i dnt know what is happening to her,i think she needs 8hrs of sleep,water and less substance

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