Meagan Helps Her Man Celebrate His B’ Day

After touring the country and landing in several major cities to celebrate her birthday, actress Meagan Good came back down to earth to help her man celebrate his at the Guest House in New York City. The pair, who have been dating for over a year now, smiled for the paparazzi while walking the red carpet and basically looked like your average every day happy couple. Meagan has spoken extensively about her relationship with the pro football player and said in a recent interview she knew he was the one because he was the only man she ever dated who wasn’t threatened by her success.

More pics of happy successful couple below.


  1. The Athletic type was my flavor, however watching and becoming engulf in this election, and watching that sexy Obama, I’m thinking about changing the type of man, I’m attracted too.

  2. I admit it, Barack’s sexy factor has gone up greatly over the last few months. He looks like a freak to me now. I just know he would blow my back out 😆

    Oh yeah, good for Meagan and Thomas going strong for so long. I think it’s been more than a year though.

  3. It is so sexy how he doesn’t care about flirting with his wife in public. Now, that’s sexy. If you notice he will check out her butt, grab and kiss her. That is so sexy, it’s like he’s a newly wed. And the way he describes her, it’s just so aw!. I loved it when she walked out on stage after his acceptance speech, it was like he was only looking at her. That man is so sexy. They really need to clone that man. lol. But, I love the fact that he appears to be truly madly deeply in love with his wife.

    See, this is a good example of how black women should stop trying to go for the rough neck type and find an ivy league man. interviewed Obama , and asked him why did he marry his wife, being that he is biracial, and he said,”Have you seen my wife?”. Michelle got a dime.

    Ok, i’m officially done with the rough necks.

    Also, there is a pic of Obama in a cowboy’s hat. So, hot.

  4. This is for Waverly,
    Obama was asked the question, Boxer or Briefs?
    His answer, no matter what I wear, I look good in them. Or something to that effect. The man needs to write a book and sell it. Cuz, these Hollywood men lack real GAME.

  5. What does Barack Obama have to do with this post? The disrespect of some of the people who visit this site is amazing. It’s like if the writers don’t post what some of you want to talk about, you just change the topic via your comments.

  6. Meagan just bores me. It’s like ok, what? If she kept her tatas covered up I don’t think any blog would talk about her at all.

  7. Im askin the same ? as Dana how this become about Obama. U ladies must have Barak on the brain LOL. He’s a sexy man but what i love most is that he is the best candidate for presidency that we’ve had in almost a century. Oh did i mention that he’s a strong black man with a beautiful strong black wife…now that’s sexy! Ne who back to the post ummm…megan sorry to say this but u fallin off boo. Everytime i see her now its like the same pic over and over. Why i say…WHY? She’s too cute for that boring haircut same ol makeup and black outfit after black outfit. she barely did the elaborate birthday outfits she wore any justice. Jus blaaah. N what success are we talking Love Guru… LOL. She needs to hire a stylist cuz it’s jus not cuttin it for me. Love to see black athletes dating black women tho….pro black love all day long.

  8. Some of you with the negative comments are chicken heads. If you have nothing positive to say then say nothing at all. And it`s always the ugly, low life, uneducated ones that has all the negativity to talk about. I agree with dana 100%. Because when some of you don`t see or read what you want to see and hear you start judging and criticizing these celebs that have milliions and have a set future. And the truth is most of the celebrities don`t even read the comments so what`s the need to disrespect and act like a hateful, angry black bitch just because you are not and will never live the life of a celebrity. The white celebs show off their breasts and butts and the white race don`t criticize them. Get a life to all you NEGATIVE, LOWMINDED , ANGRY AND JUDGEMENTAL PEOPLE ON THIS SITE. AND IF THE CAP FITS YOU WEAR IT. GET A LIFE AND DO SOMETHING POSITIVE WITH YOUR LIFE.

  9. @sher, um u really need to shut the fuck up. its not the serious .

  10. To ummm ms.sher:
    First of all how dare u? this is a FORUM i.e if u have an ion of intellenge u kno i have a right to my opinion! There’s a difference between hating and stating an opinion sweetheart. I have never been and never will be anyone’s chicken head, idiot. Im an intellegent successful young lady. And im happy with my life and who i am…this is blog forum used to state what we think about what was posted. I asked the same ? as dana when the subject was obviously and randomly i might add changed. However i resent u coming on here and saying that dumb crap. Most celebrities such as ms.good are not millionares when they’re out of work they usually are just as strapped as the average person. Working actresses are working for a reason. Do some research before u go spouting ignorance. Im all about love baby, and if u read my comment u’d kno that. If any one’s being negative it’s u my dear. Love peace n blessing to all…especially the haters

  11. They look like a cute couple to me. Thomas cleans up pretty well. He looks nicer in a suite. I haven’t seen Meagan with that outfit on before. The only thing that I’ve seen is the leather jacket. The bag is cute, and the shoes are cute. I’ve seen a lot of celebs rocking those shoes.

  12. I’m sorry I don’t find this man attractive at all.They do make a nice couple though.I would like to see Meagan in more films and for longer than 15 min(one missed call).

  13. I think he is a nice looking man to me i love me some chocolate for sure.


  15. I must say i agree about the obama thing. I’m 21 and married, but him and will smith would be at the time of my (older man that i would screw) list. lol

  16. okay people, what does this topic have to do with Obama???? although…dont get me wrong. im going for obama all the way, but this topic has nothing to do with him. can we stay on it? hahaha

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