Meagan Good To Replace Brittany

While “The Game” regular Brittany Daniel has officially had her status demoted to that of recurring character, actress Meagan Good will reportedly get hers upgraded to series regular. Word around the water cooler is that Miss Good is so bad, she’s …. well … good.

The actress, who is probably best known for her “pretty young thang” roles in “Biker Boyz” and “You Got Served,” has officially set aside the kiddie roles and is stepping up to the big girls table. Meagan’s appearance in the series opener was apparently so popular with fans, she has been offered a full-time spot starting with season five.

Meagan’s addition to the cast doesn’t really come as a complete surprise, seeing as how we have been hearing rumblings for some time now. With actress Brittany Daniel not so pleased with the new BET set-up (read: less money), it had been widely speculated that her role would be diminished and eventually cut out altogether.

Whatever the case, Kelly Pitts will soon be no more and the dynamics of the show will surely change. Will people accept the show without Kelly and will Meagan’s role be enough to replace such a beloved character?

Only time will tell…


  1. Without the friendship of the original three women things will be weird.

  2. Seems to me that BET is dirty for doing Brittany this way. In hindsight, I’m guessing they deliberately leaked the lie that she was getting paid more than the black actors in order to get us riled up against her so we wouldn’t be so upset if her character was written off the show. I’m all for a black actress getting a job, but not at the expense of a prominent cast member! We need Kelly Pitts!

  3. I’m glad Megan is working, but why did they have to sacrifice Kelly Pitts?

  4. I need my Krazy Kelly for real. I am sick of her and Tasha fighting. I don’t know if I am going to like it without the original 3 ladies!

  5. I’m not sure how the show will turn out with Meagan Good; it should be cool. But Kelly Pitts is on another show as well as Jason…She probably couldn’t commit to both shows. It sure it has nothing to do with BET changing the show.

  6. I believe Kelly’s diminished role is because her husband’s role has been diminished as well. Coby Bell is on Burn Notice now and will be a recurring character. What use is Kelly without Jason? Same with Melanie. Without Derwin Melanie’s character would be useless.

    BET didn’t do her dirty and had no reason to. They tried and did bring the whole cast back.

    I’m sure if Jason Bell’s character was on hand full-time Brittany’s character would have been too.

  7. ranjay i agree. but this is what happens when a show is gone for 2 years nigga gotta eat so they find work somewhere else

  8. why do things have to change??? if it aint broke dont fix it. megan good and terrence j does not need to be on the pay role the game was good with out them. if kelly leaves im leaving!!!!

  9. nooooooo I loved Brittany as Kelly Pitts, They shouldn’t do this. Yea they should add Meagan, but they shouldn’t take out one of the stars that made the show what everyone grew to love. Bad move BET

  10. I’m disappointed. I love Meagan Good, but bringing her onto the show as a full time side dish is saying what? It’s TOO MUCH drama going on in the show for them to be switching up actresses and what not. Not only that, my favorite couple was Kelly and Jason!

  11. i’m glad kelly character is getting played off (kudus 2 BET) for embracing Black actors on a BLACK network i dont see the need for megan though she’s irratating and unbeleivable and derwin as a superstar they need to fall back a lil, and quit trying to be a low-rate soap opera

  12. that is very WHACK! As a THE GAME” fan I have become soooo acustom to and excited to see Kelly as well as every other character on the show, Megan Good is an ok actress and kelly has done a great job in the show.meagan good wont make the show any better. The show was poppin before her and might not be so after. im just sayin………

  13. Have ya’ll not READ the article. As much as i love The Game, BET= low budget…they don’t got it like the CW, therefore they can’t afford Brittany Daniels,,, besides that Coby Bell is on Burn Notice. What’s the point of Kelly being a regular when they both have commitments elsewhere that is likely to make them more money. I like Meagan…but they need to get rid of Terrance J…FAST!

    The only thing is I think BET needs to be careful with an all-black cast…that totally changes the dynamic of the show…i’d really prefer a balance.

  14. I think the removal of Kelly Pitts will drastically change the chemistry. Perhaps with Jason’s role being deminished it will all balance out. But I will say this again, Terrance J, ***MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE SHOW….IMMEDIATELY***!!! He looks to goofy, and young to play opposite Wendy Rachel Robinson! She needs a man that is more attrative and can offer her some type of a challange!

  15. Even tho I like Meagan’s character & that she will more than likely be a regular. I still would like the Kelly Pitts/Jason Pitts storyline to remain & be full time. Whenever the original characters are cut out or the actors/actresses are changed to play original characters on these shows it just throws off the dynamic. It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out.

  16. Idk about this crap. They took it too far with the divorce and all that stuff anyway. Now her character is an angry, bitter bitch. I really dont care for Meagan’s role though so im not really looking foward to her staying.

  17. Im really pissed that they are getting rid of kelly though, she deserves to keep her role as one of the originals damnit!

  18. I do agree that the show won’t be the same without my wine drinking Kelly. It does change the whole dynamic of the show, kinda like when Toni left from Girlfriends which is where this show came from. My prediction is “The Game” won’t last long…

  19. I REALLY can’t stand this girl. Not a good look. She can’t act to save her life.

  20. They need to kick megan to the curb ..she is a bad actress…..and plus she wasn’t needed!!!! Kelly and Jason was my favorite couple..whether BET knows it or not..JASON AND KELLY WERE THE BEST..AND TASHA MAC..MAN JASON USE TO HAVE ME TRIPPING AND I LOOOOOVED KELLY…WTF!!

  21. just like we got mad at the CW for canceling the game we have to do the same to BET so they will keep kelly! the show wont be the same with out her!

  22. The GAME is so irritating, the only character that’s likeable is Jason. With all his flaws, he had personality and was a stereotype. Now, instead of humor the show is turning into a dramady full of non-personality having losers. I, mean I know Tasha is ghetto and rude, but is dating the younger man really the next resort to this outlandish character. I ,mean I can’t see why a woman of her status, economic background, professional success would want to deal with a younger man making less than her, unless she has mommy issues that stem from having son leave the nest later than most young men. How sad that a woman can go from dating the Coach and Rick Fox, to dating a man who looks the same age as her son. Pathetic.

    And Melanie and her husband no matter what drama is in their lives they will always be boring and dull to me. Melanie is an idiot, so what if he has a baby outside of the marriage, it happened when they weren’t together. She had a chance to be mommy without the labor. And what about the babymama who by default should become a regular, she has atleast some personality.

    And Malik-well before he was a likeable character funny and all, but this whole new Dark Malik- dogging his loyal sidekick and lacky is just plain stupid. But what type of woman basically has a threesome anyway. If your the main woman, and your man has another female in the mix with you guys, doesn’t that mean that he doesn’t respect you and that you’re not woman enough to satisy his needs. The whole hot tub scene was just an exampple of how pathetic some females are. And btw: she’s stupid, how dating the athlete to your husband’s team is a downgrade, not an upgrade. This show sucks. Only watch it because it’s about black folks. But when True Blood comes back on,Bye Bye Game, if it lasts that long.

  23. It’s amazing to me how they are going through all of this crap to save the Game, but did nothing to save Girlfriends? What a joke.

  24. The difference is Girlfriends had run its course … The Game still had some ground to cover. That said, it still deserved a proper ending.

  25. The reason why they couldn’t save Girlfriends, is because it wasn’t worth saving. When Jill Marie Jones, aka. Toni , the show was funny and had a purpose. But, when they allowed JMJ to walk, the show became boring and stupid, because the other characters were too dull and the storylines sucked.

  26. I kind of don’t care that Kelly is leaving because they made her new character’s personality annoying. I don’t mind Megan being on the show as a regular, but why oh why did they have to make her one a married woman cheating with Malik?

  27. Thank you- Malik of all people. I could see Jason with his arrogant behind. But not ghettofied, cliche Malik? Are you serious?Can anyone say major downgrade!


  29. I am going to miss the role of Kelly Pitts. That also could mean that Jason Pitts role may fade out too. I love the fact that BET took over the show,but it seems to me that BET is getting just like the white TV stations. You know that is the TV world where money talks.

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