Meagan & Romany Talk ‘Think Like a Man’ Sequel


With the sequel to their 2012 hit “Think Like a Man” about to hit theaters in a few weeks, two of the film’s actors, Meagan Good and Romany Malco, sat with New York Time reporter Dave Itzkoff to talk about what fans can expect, as well as why they continue to find themselves paired up on screen.

Below is the duo’s interview, as well as a recently released clip from the film, due out June 20th.

Before playing Zeke and Mya in the “Think Like a Man” movies, you were paired up in “The Love Guru.” What were those earliest encounters like?

ROMANY MALCO: I’d seen Meagan in “Eve’s Bayou,” and then all I heard was that Meagan had grown up. [laughter] Everybody was raving about her.

MEAGAN GOOD: I had first seen Rom in “Weeds,” and I remember kind of squinting my eyes and saying, “Did that guy used to be in a rap group?” When I met him, I was like, “Did you used to be in the College Boyz?” He was like, “Whoa, how did you know that?”

Did that experience make you more eager to work together again?

MEAGAN GOOD: On “Love Guru,” we had a blast. But there were things we wanted to do — a certain freedom that we wanted to have. We said to each other, if we ever do this again, we’re going all in.

What have you learned about each other through three films together?

MEAGAN GOOD: I think me and Rom are both aliens. We were the ones who were instantly singing together between scenes and making weird sounds and coming up with odd ideas and pitching them to Tim [Story, the director of “Think Like a Man Too”], and he’s like, “What are the two of you talking about?” As an adult, you’ll get so insecure and self-conscious. Rom doesn’t have that.

ROMANY MALCO: Meagan will ask a question in a polite way, but in a way that gets to the core of it. Everyone walks on the sidewalk because the lawns are really well manicured. Megan will float across the lawn. She can cut to the chase in the kindest way.

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  1. It didn’t look that great. I’ll wait for it to come to Netflix, Redbox, or cable. Plus, I want Kevin Hart to go away.

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