Meagan Supports Estelle+Hosts Hair Show

Actress Meagan Good took time out of her busy filming schedule to come out and support British export Estelle- whose new album “Shine” was released in the U.S yesterday. Meagan put on her brown best and hit the red carpet looking spectacular.

The “Stomp The Yard” actress will be busy filming for the next few months but has also made time to co-host the Karl J. Celebrity Hair and Fashion show with fellow Brown Sistas, Vivica Fox and Tamala Jones. If you are planning on being in Miami on June 22nd, you might wanna stop by the James L. Knight International Center and check them out.


  1. Why no picks of Estelle? Is she too brown for BrownSista?

    Don’t be silly.

    I’m just not on the Estelle bandwagon. I am not very familiar with her, but what I have heard from her musically doesn’t impress me. London hasn’t sent us any great Black female talent since Sade.


  2. I agree Stephanie! Though I feel obligated to support Estelle simply because she’s a female artist of a darker hue (let’s face, we’re far and few), I’m really not impressed with her. I think we’re so anxious to fill that Lauryn Hill, eclectic of type vibe that we’ll accept anyone who’s seemingly the anti-Beyonce/Alicia. Don’t get me wrong, Estelle’s voice is gorgeous but from what I’ve heard, her songs are sub par. That’s the result of weak producers/song writers I think.

  3. My girl looks beautiful and too cute! I should get back to my source, huh? I travel so damn much I rarely have the time to be online anymore…

  4. Estelle is a really good artist, her style is different….
    As a fellow londoner, I am over the moon that she is over in the states doing her thing, I’m so glad for her…..

    Estelleeee Baby!!!!!

    U go girl…..

  5. No one likes American Boy? I love that song. Haven’t heard her other stuff just yet. What about Jamelia? Haven’t heard anything new from her in a while, but she’s pretty good. I’m looking at Estelle on my Rhapsody, I’ll see how her album is.

    Added: Eh…most of these songs sound alike. Blah, I had such hope.

  6. I never heard of this Estelle until this post. Just checked out her live performances on You Tube and I like what I heard. I can understand why some may view her as a British rip of Lauren Hill b/c she has that sophisticated-yet-down-to-earth-homegirl-from-around-the-way stage presence. Yes, I can hear some Lauren in her vocal style & arrangement but she is not an imitation. Her band was awesome. To each his own.

  7. yeah I was at the release party that night… Meagan is really nice… always when she’s out…

    you should really take a listen at her album… I really like it and that single American Boy that she had with Kanye does not show her range at all. You know the label just needs to pop single for her to crossover… I’m sure after listening to the album you’ll like her more.

    She has this joint with John Legend that is crazy!

    And she has a couple reggae soul type joints too.

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