Meeka Claxton Blames Editing for Negative Portrayal

Though last week’s season three premiere of ‘Basketball Wives’ scored record high ratings, at least one cast member is not very happy about the way she was portrayed.

Newbie cast mate Meeka Claxton, who is married to former NBA player Speedy Claxton and describes herself as self-made real estate mogul, blamed poor editing on the way she was portrayed during the show opener.

According to Meeka, a lot of scenes were cut and pasted together, especially those that dealt with fellow cast member Royce Reed.

“I mean, I watched it. And this is what I signed up for– but it’s not me, the way I was portrayed, but it was entertaining,” she said.

So had Meeka watched previous episodes of ‘Basketball Wives’ before she signed on? “I watched a few episodes before. But I was always in and out of New York and Atlanta, so I didn’t see every episode. I wouldn’t consider any of them friends. But I’m still getting to know them. It’s been such a short amount of time. And I didn’t go in there looking for friends. Its only been about two months, though.”

When asked how her husband felt about her appearing on the show, Meeka said he was very “supportive,” but added that if he was still playing in the NBA she probably would have passed on the opportunity.


  1. I watched and drew the conclusion that somethings in the senes we’re not clear. I saw how Meka was shown talking to fast not having known the group very long was surprising.

    If there is no creative drama there would be no “BASKETBALL WIVES”, though there is a chance for the women to play fair even if they don’t always agree. Meka will have to guard her mouth and be well aware of this camp of women knowing she can’t & won’t be able to win them all!

    Keep your head up Meka!

  2. Meka is a liar I hate women like her because they are 2 faced drama queens. Say what u mean and mean what u say period. It not all editing she went in Kissing *** and jumping on band wagons. She talks too much period. She is a messy women period. She is playing both sides period. And she is not even half of that period. She will get caught up eventually and the tables will turn with the way she going @ it. She is saying what everyone wants to hear. The realist one on there is Tammi to me anyways. Yeah Meka is not a cool female. And me personally I would have been broke her down a long time ago. She still seems to be young and having peer pressure issues. She is trying to fit in. So all I heard is blah blah blah. This UGLY SUPER MUD DUCK IS A LIAR 4 REAL. She can try n blame editing all day but we all know the truth about her. How could she not know what the show was about. She knew what she was signing up for and I cannot wait for the exposure of her and her husband skeletons. Because 1 thing about going on reality t.v. all the dirt will surface. And believe me their is dirt behind this FUGLY HEIFER LOL

  3. Yea you could tell from her convo with Royce that something was said before and after that didn’t get aired.

  4. Who doesn’t blame editing???? While it may play a part I always say you gotta give them something to edit first. At least though she acknowledged this is what she signed up for.

  5. I think anyone over 18 should know not to go into a new group of women and start talking about and giving opinions on folks as if it wasn’t gonna get back…I’m thinking the show this season is a little scripted.
    Why would a married woman want to hang out with Evelyn? lol -scripted

  6. Personally, I want to see more of Jennifer and less of the other women. It would be interesting to see Jennifer creating and marketing her lipgloss line and charities,GlamLuxe and FlirtyGirl Gyms. Some people say, Jennifer is way into Evelyn, but whatever, she has serious style game, and the only one that acts ladylike. I know they are her friends but she should be fabolous by herself, and more about meeting millioaires.

    I’m so over grown women over 30 fighting and screaming, hollering at each other, then fighting about teenage issues. Enough already.
    I’d say Jen leave BBW and let Meeka take her spot. What does Jennifer have in common with the rest of the BBWs anyway?

  7. Meeka is phony and you could tell she was trying too hard to fit in with Evelyn and “the other side”. She talked crazy about Royce and when confronted tried to cover it up. I LMAO when Tami checked her about the hands in the face. “That could get you popped” Ha! Tami is crazy. Meeka is fake. The end.

  8. Girl who you trying to fool? You are a sh!t starter…and when you were called out on your bullcrap you lied!! Meek you’re a liar and we all know it.

  9. I believe Meeka was embarrassed by watching her own bahavior, as opposed to her portrayal on camera.
    Meeka are you going to blame “bad editing” for the impression you made on Shaunie, Jen, and Evelyn. They thought you were a gossip and your high school.
    Meeka got too familiar too fast.

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