Meet Lauren Napier

Hey you guys, I want you to meet Lauren Napier, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Brown Sista’s resident Beauty Editor. Lauren’s work has been see around the world in publications including British Vogue, Japanese Vogue, Vanity Fair, Essence, GQ, MORE and Shape Magazines. More of Lauren’s makeup has been seen on NBC, Bravo, MTV, HBO, and the Disney Channel. In 2009 Lauren was the hallmark makeup artist at HBO’s American Black Film Festival. Later that year, Napier signed on with L’Oreal Cosmetics in consumer cultivation and brand expansion. In 2010 Lauren was commissioned as the lead makeup designer and beauty expert at the “Lovely Workshop” in Paris, France. This natural beauty expert joined Three Custom Color Cosmetics brand in co-creating a spring trend and lipstick staple called Nude Attitude available spring 2011.

You’ll be able to read all of Lauren’s articles here in our Health & Beauty section, two of which have already been posted.

Lauren can also be found below on her blog and Twitter page.

-Follow Lauren Napier on Twitter @NAPIERMAKEUP or vist her online at LAURENNAPIER.COM.


  1. Agreed. Very beautiful. Welcome to the site Lauren.


  2. That’s my daughter! Our family is very, very proud of her.

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