Mega Picture Post: Fashion Rocks Edition

Today’s Mega Picture Post will consist of images from Conde Nast’s Fashion Rocks show which went down last night in New York City. Black Female Star Power was in full effect as everyone from Tyra Banks to Mary J. Blige, who performed with Usher, came out to take part in the festivities. Fashion Rocks will air tonight on CBS so don’t forget to check out the performances, but for now, we have plenty of pics to share with you. To your right we have Mary and Usher, who left his new bride, to perform at the show. I have no idea what they sang but I am anxious to see their performance, as I am curious as to whether Usher can vocally hang with Mary.

More pics of a very un-pregnant looking Mary can be seen below. The singer recently shot down rumors of a pregnancy. I guess not even MTV (Germany) can be trusted to get their facts straight before publishing them.

More Fashion Rocks photos can be seen on the pages below.


  1. Ciara did look great. Very good styling from head to toe.
    Tyra looked really good — until you go to those shoes. It killed the outfit for me. I liked that hair color though.
    J.Hud needs a little more support up top. The “girls” were going in different directions. Looking forward to seeing her performance though.

  2. Ashanti, Mya, and Ciara are my picks for best dress. I’m loving Tyra’s haircolor, don’t go back to blond!

  3. Mya looks stunning, I really like that look for her. Ciara’s dress is nice as well. Alicia has slimmed down. She looks great.

  4. My all time favorint singer of all time MISS BLIGE you know you always had a fashion sent im lovin’ it you lookin fabolous HONEY you make me step my game up LOVE YOU

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