Mel B. Readies Her Comeback

The Spice Girl Part 2 When not making plans to sue Eddie Murphy for all he’s worth, Melanie Brown spends her free time getting ready to resurrect the band that made her a superstar nearly 10 years ago. The Spice Girls are ready to give us what we really, really want, and we’ve got the overly airbrushed promo shot from their upcoming tour to prove it. Though the Spice Women are all in their early thirties and hardly in need of artificial enhancement, someone clearly thought otherwise.

Thought not a totally bad promo shot, someone got overly ambitious on Posh’s face and made poor Mel C look almost Joker-like. Baby Spice still looks like a baby and Ginger looks like- well- Ginger. But it’s poor Melanie who I think really got the short end of this photo shoot. She practically disappears into the background and you all know how I feel about visible tattoos on women.

Still, I was an underground Spice Girls fan back in the day and I’m sorta still one now. I look forward to hearing perky new music from them and hope this reunion helps gives each one of the ladies the career boost they need.


  1. I remember back when Ginger left she was considered to be the star of the group and everyone thought once she was out the group would die and well it did. Now it seems Posh is being heralded as the star of the group because she is more famous now due to her narriage to Beck. Mel B was the token Black girl then and still is so her role hasn’t changed at all. I can’t see any real come back for any of them because they are considered old mothers now. Who really wants to hear these old broads singing Wannabe again :lol2:

  2. :thumbsup: The White media is acting like they are old when all the ladies are between 30 and 32. They still look good too so I can’t see why they can’t make a comeback. They need more mature music though cause they will look foolish standing on stage singing some of the songs they sang from almost 10 years ago.


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