Melanie Brown’s Husband Troubles

Now that Melanie Brown has married Stephen Belafonte, the media’s focus seems to have shifted from Eddie Murphy, to Melanie’s new hubby, who seems to have a very jaded past. According to news reports, Stephen lists his last name on their marriage certificate as Belafonte when in actuality it is Stansbury. There are also reports that he tried to pass himself off as Dionne Warwick’s nephew and Harry Belafonte’s son. The most troubling news however is how many times Stephen has been arrested for violent crimes, all against past girlfriends.

Stephen has a criminal record in Los Angeles, San Diego and New Jersey. In Los Angeles he was charged with assault and battery of a roommate and Nicole Contreras, the mother of his 3-year-old daughter, also filed an assault charge against him. Los Angeles County also sued Belafonte for child support, wherein he was forced to pay $254 a month to the daughter he has with Conteras. Lastly, the brotha appears to be broke because he was evicted from his last four apartments for non payment of rent and was banned from Skybar for some sort of credit card problem. He also served time in jail for trying to alter his computer police records.

And you all thought Eddie was bad…

Remember these photos I posted a few weeks ago? They don’t look so harmless now- do they?

Very sad situation.



  1. I have kind of lost respect for Melanie Brown for bringing so much attention to this very personal matter. To this day, we have never heard about Eddie Murphy being a bad father to his other five children. There was a reason that he ended his relationship with Melanie and denied the child before she was born.

    But you know what the old people used to say; “There are three sides to the story, his, hers and the truth.”


  2. Wow, I thought he was Harry Belafonte’s son because I read that in some article. I was even thinking – he sort of looks like Harry Belafonte (except the forehead). I guess I was wrong. Just goes to show I can’t believe everything I read whether it is print, online or on tv. This dude has issues regardless of who he is. Melanie will have to spin this into a better light before her tour starts.

  3. Wow. Why does she want to bring so much negative publicity to herself and her little baby? Why would she want this guy with a shady past around her children?

  4. Didn’t she say she’s known him for about 7yrs? And you’re gonna bring this psychopath around your children! :loser:

  5. I pray for protection of her 2 innocent children. perhaps adults should wait until their children are grown-up and have moved out of their homes before making such a selfish decision.

  6. she seems to get hooked up awfully quick.
    her & eddie didn’t date long either before she decided to have his child.
    now within 5 months she’s married to this guy.
    very strange woman indeed.
    this one she better be careful with, if his record is proven true, she could be in for some volatle situations.

  7. I understood that Melanie had to do what was necessary to get support for her child since Eddie was acting otherwise. But this marriage seems rather sudden and ill-thought…kinda like her decision to have a baby with Eddie Murphy. Now I really have to question her judgment…or lack thereof.

  8. so what melanie brown married this guy isnt eddie murphy now engaged to tracey edmonds and has a new baby that was born no to long ago by melanie brown.. i dont know why everybody’s trying to pretend eddie is a victim hes not .. he knew what he was doing when he made the decision to sleep with her without using a condom.. hes in his late 40’s he should have been more responsible.. as well as melanie.. but this child is innocent and she still needs a father…and as far as her husbands jaded past people are saying that eddie is gay as hell ,remember a few years ago he was “caught” with a transvesite in his car trying to pretend he didnt know that it was a man..he picked this tranny up on a blvd where they are known to turn tricks .. so this new man’s past is no worse than eddies…he started this whole mess in the first place stating on a german tv show he appeared on he doesnt know who child this is ‘ill believe it’s mine when i see a dna test.. he shouldve never said that on tv even if he felt that way that was info he shoulve kept to himself.. he treated her like trash her whole pregnancy he knew he was with her so he knew it was a possibility the child was his and a dna test proved it!!..flaunting tracey edmonds in front of her face and the rest of the world..acting like he didnt get her pregnant damn near acting like he didnt even know her.. hes not all that :thumbsdown: ..he has 7 kids by 3 different woman.. 5 with his ex-wife ,1 from a previous relationship,and now angel.. and she’s suppose to go to court to legalize everything concerning her baby , he’s a millionaire which means he’s more than able capable of giving this child everything she needs and everything she deserves.. eddie had a relationship with this woman no matter how short it was he was still with her and he shoulve treated her with more respect than he did.. if he didnt want to be a father again- USE A CONDOM !!!!!!!!!!! everybody keeps on saying melanie made a bad judgement call what about eddie? we all dont know what went on behind closed doors between these 2 you dont know what he said to her or what promises he made to her,or if she was to get pregnant what would they do , if this baby was conceived on purpose.. alot of men do this all the time ..they say “baby i want you to have my baby” but when you tell them your pregnant some men change and start acting funny like your trying to so called-trap them and by the way eddie was acting this might’ve been the case.. everywhere you turned pictures were all in the newspaper or a magazine+ plus if he didnt think this wasnt a serious relationship with her its no way he wouldve introduced his children to her which he did!!!!!!! her daughter was being homeschooled with his kids+they moved in together as well and they traveled together with the kids to alot of different place.. alot of people didnt know that of these 2 now hes acting like shes a stranger who’s harassing him and “her” baby is a problem for him :loser: to damn bad!!!!!!!! angel deserves everything his other children are receiveingbecause shes just as much his child as all other 6 of his kids.. mel b keep your head up and take care of your beautiful children and dont worry about what other people say ABOUT YOU because only YOU KNOW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED WITH EDDIE BEHIND Closed DOORS NO ONE ELSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is his agenda with tracey edmonds? hes only been with her for a short period of time so is it ok for him to be engaged to her so soon when a woman is walking around with a 3 month old baby by him? so stop judging melanie so harshly … hell word is he didnt treat his ex-wife with any respect either thats why she divorced him hes not all that he tried to give her a hard way to go when they went to court mad at the fact he might have to give her half of his money knowing he was married to her for 14 years she was suppose to get something… hell she gave birth to 5 of his kids!!!!!!!! he was mad as hell too at the fact that he had to give her alimony among other property’s so he proved he selfish and cheap with his money..

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