Melanie Brown’s Secret Wedding

Spice Girl singer Melanie Brown is a married woman and has been for two months now according to Melanie’s own rep, Arnold Robinson. Melanie apparently wed her producer boyfriend, Stephen Belafonte, in a quickie Las Vegas ceremony held on June 6th and kept the nuptials quiet to- well she hasn’t said why she kept her marriage a secret and probably won’t any time soon as she has also cancelled her scheduled appearance on The Larry King Show, which was due to air tonight.

Visit E News Online for the full story.


  1. Melanie was probably messing around with this guy while with Eddie which is why Eddie did not think the child was his. She married this bug eyed loser and kept it on the low to garner more sympathy from the press and public. She cancelled the interview because Larry King was going to grill her on her own actions and she didn’t want to take the hot seat she has been putting Eddie in for all these months. She is such a publicity whore.

  2. Mel B do you but I wouldn’t of messed with Eddie’s gay tail getting caught with tranny’s and carrying on!

  3. She hasn’t been with this guy a year and she’s married to him already. I dont see this lasting. She never gave herself a break after Eddie Murphy, she jumped from one relationship right into a marriage. :noway:

  4. every woman need to find her balance so if mel is happy that’s the most important

  5. She says they’ve been friends for 7yrs but marriage so soon after all this drama? I agree with the previous post that she was probably messing around with this man while dating eddie & that’s the reason why he questioned being angel’s father. Eddie may have his issues, but this new husband of hers is no angel (no pun intended)either. He changed his name so people in the industry would think he was related to harry belafonte..rumors of bjs to get into the business…criminal mischief…way to pick em mel! I give them 6mos.

  6. :thumbsdown: And let everymother marry the father of their Kid!

    Eddie buddy I would have a retest on that paternity thing and do it under lock and key…..because looking at the baby ( picture at the Ivy lunch do with Nicole…)She looks like Stephen….

    What is going on in Hollywood anyway?….

  7. [quote comment=”11604″]Mel B do you but I wouldn’t of messed with Eddie’s gay tail getting caught with tranny’s and carrying on![/quote]

    Say it again!

    But good for her she moved on and QUICK!

  8. First of all, Steven her new husband has not changed his last name that is his father name as well, mista know it all. All men is not that same but there sure is a lot of them that act like that have no chacter! It’s eddie baby and he just needs to take responsibility, and why must he have a women on his arm 24/7. I guess what they say is true, he doesn’t wan’t anyone to know his sexual prefrence, but i dont care. Maybe if one black actor/actress would come out of the closet and be true, they would have to worry about making and taking of babies the really dont want. At some point you have to stop selling you soul for that hollywood money.

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