Melanie Fiona “4am”

It’s “4am” and Melanie Fiona is lying in her man’s bed wondering where he is; or at least that’s what she’s doing in her new song.

“4am” finds Melanie doing what she does best on record- pining for some totally loser guy who is completely unworthy of her. The really great part about that is Melanie does it so well.

From “It Kills Me” to “Gone and Never Coming Back,” Melanie soars when she bears her broken heart and never has she done it better than on “4am.”

The track is produced by Rico Love, the same guy who helped bring Kelly Rowland back from the brink of oblivion with “Motivation.” Let’s hope he can do the same for Melanie.


  1. I personally like the track, but it’s the type of song where you just don’t know if it’s a hit or not. But def not topping “It Kills Me”

  2. Melanie lacks umph. She lacks that certain something that makes someone a star. Yes she can sing but outside of her first single everything else she has done has been pretty dull and bland, just like Melanie herself.

    This song is just as boring as Gone and Never Coming Back and that reggae joint.

    Sorry. But someone had to say it.

  3. I actually said the same thing on here not too long ago Ranjay. Yea she can sing but that’s about it, and I don’t think that’ll be enough in thw long run.

  4. What you talkin bout Willis? —> This song is gorgeous just like her. Rico Love did his thing on 4am & Motivation kudos to you brother Love. Hi Shawna not Stephanie but SHAWNA lol.

  5. his feels like it occupies the same vein as motivation or any drake song. I think the bit of autotune on the chorus is annoying too. But it’s okay. frankly gone and never coming back is better. if this song is a hit. It will be a slow burner, and will take weeks to really impact.

  6. Hmmm, I think that some of ya’ll are being unfairly harsh on MF and have connected lack of label support with lack of talent. On the contrary I think melanie fiona is one of the best artists out right now. She is amazing live in that she has great stage presence, vocals, backup dancers, and songs. Her debut album was different than any other record out there at the time and enjoyable. There is no excuse for the hiatus of hits other than lack of promotion and support cause the songs have all been good so far. I wish her the best as I do all artists who should be too talented to fail.

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