Melanie Fiona Brings the Girl Power

Have you guys seen Melanie Fiona’s new video for her single “Watch Me Work?” If you not, you are missing what I consider the singer’s best visual to date.

Melanie took what would have probably been just another generic song from her “MF Life” album and turned it into a girl power anthem thanks to integrated clips from such iconic films as “Faster Pussycat Faster,” “Death Proof,” “Foxy Brown,” Thelma & Louise” and many others.

FYI- If you have somehow never managed to see “Death Proof,” please run out and rent it ASAP.


  1. I love it…a video with a message…not just about how much money women make or the shoes in our closets, the margaret cho intro was great! Love the homage to action and chick flicks, past and present!

    Creativity is always REFRESHING!

  2. I like it but I dont know what I just watched… Lol. It would have been nice to see AB from Waiting to Exhale or some scenes from Set it Off. But you know lol.

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