Melanie Fiona’s New Single

Singer Melanie Fiona recently debuted her new single “Running,” while taping an episode of TV One’s Verses & Flow. Melanie is on the third single from her long delayed “MF Life” album, which finally has a release date of February 7th.

Check out Melanie’s medley of “4 AM,” “It Kills Me,” and “Running” below.

Such an underrated talent.


  1. I love her, idk about the whole desperate female anthems but she could sing old macdonald had a farm and I’ll groove to it

  2. She’s GREAT!!! Melanie’s an immense talent. Very soulful and like Adele, she likes to sing art imitating life songs. I’m so glad she’s nominated for at least one Grammy!

    Phenomenal Songtress!!!

  3. Melanie has killer songs. What she doesn’t have is radio support. People claim they want more than Beyonce and Rihanna but when you give it to them they don’t support it or oftentimes even bother to listen to it.

  4. sista hmm yet black folks are only checking for beyonce or rihanna…..

  5. I LOVE Melanie Fiona! Really. She is SUCH a talented LIVE performer and I really wish she would come out with a DVD of her performances cause I could watch them all day. Never disappoints. I am so saddened the album has had so many push backs tho ’cause I’ve been waiting for it since she released 4am months ago and I will definitely support REAL talent and R&B music as I know other true music lovers will. Also, although it might be tiring to some that so many of her songs are ‘female anthems/heartbreak songs’ I say so what? Toni Braxton has been releasing heartbroken love songs since 1993 and that’s her niche and nobody criticizes her. I mean, she does them VERY WELL and although flares of other topics would be nice, like Collector’s shop said, she could sing old mcdonald and it would be GREAT@! Love MF and hopeful that her album really will be released as planned. Wish her the best 🙂

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