Melanie Fiona Gets Acoustic & Controversial

Though not everyone is feeling the lyrics to Melanie Fiona’s hit single “It Kills Me,” myself included, you gotta admit- this sista blows this song out the water every time she performs it. Check her out below performing an acoustic version of her controversial ((Read Melanie Fiona’s ‘It Kills Me’: The Desperate, Pathetic Woman’s Anthem)) chart topper, while visiting the Billboard studios recently.


  1. i’m out of the loop so forgive me but why is this song controversial? what exactly don’t people like about it?

  2. PFTC- I’m with you I don’t understand the controversy and I love the song.

  3. ok and what exactly is wrong with the lyrics to this song?

  4. Did any of you click on the link and read the article (I read it a few days ago)

    As much as I love Melanie’s voice and the beat of this song, it is the dumbest most ignorant piece of ish I have ever heard.

  5. For most women – like me who have been young and dumb – these lyrics are exactly what I was feeling as a 22 year old idiot. And they are a lot of old ass idiots out there and Mel is just telling the truth. NOT SO CONTROVERSIAL. Women need to stop try to make art be a statement about life, sometimes – it’s just ART.

  6. What is the controversy! This song is the truth. Some women have played the fool for some man at some point in their lives…me included. Where you know you should leave but you just can’t for whatever your reasons may be and you just feel so confused. This is just a song about somebody’s experience…just like every love song, every break up song, etc. So tired of people making trying to make a controversy out of every single thing..

  7. well to tell the truth i don’t listen to the radio or watch tv. i’m happily out of touch with most of today’s popular music, so i have little knowledge on this girl and her song. i was wondering why it was so contoversial. and no i did not read the artice to be honest i didn’t see that small link down there. haha! the way i read it, i figured she was saying something either totally crazy or something really disrespectful.

  8. Well Of course it isn’t controversial, Black women are very content with Cheating, abusing mates, what is so wrong with praising what you like?

  9. well I still don’t see what all the ”hype” Is about over her cause I didn’t like the song when I first heard It ….but I like the simplicity of the track and when I listen to the lyrics of the song I was like I see why so many girls are singing this song….” oooh maybe cause I wanna have his babies ohhh yeaaah…cause I don’t wanna be alone I don’t need to be on my own…but I love this man but some things I just can’t stand”

  10. I don’t think most ppl even know what love is. The average woman thinks her intense attachment to a man is love when in actuality is nothing more than obsession and a need to hold on to someone in order to feel loved. Also, how can you truly love someone who mistreats you? What is there to love about someone who disrespects you? Many women claim to love people who have never ever shown any type of loving behavior towards them. What many of these women really love is the feeling they get of not being and someone, anyone, to keep their beds warm at night.

  11. I read the article, and I must say it is a pathetic article as much as the author thinks this song is pathetic!!!! People are always complaining how songs on the radio today aren’t real r&b and are not speaking on real situations… Now, you get a woman who’s been in such a pathetic situation with a no good man, who decides to write a song about her experiences, making other women who are in, or have been in that situation know that they aren’t alone, and also paint how bad the situation is, and make it sound so pathetic that as the listener you want nothing but to not be in that situation.
    This song is no different to all of the heartbreak anthems that Mary J Blige sang ( I’m going down, etc) where she begged no good men in her life not leave. But with all those songs different women around the world related and changed their lives!!!!
    FYI, this story is not just a black womans’ story but a womans’ story!!!

  12. This woman can BLOW but I’m not too keen on the song. Still, I know Melanie has a very bright future ahead of her. 🙂


  14. I don’t think the song should be labeled controversial, it’s a beautiful song, and represents emotions I often experienced while I was in a VERY unhealthy relationship and until I got the strength to move on and value myself to know I deserved a better man in my life, the feelings involved in this song represents what a lot of women go through.

    That said, I also have to admit that after reading this article I bought Melanie Fiona’s debut album and personally LOVE it and can’t stop jammin to it in my car, at home, everywhere; and while I admit it’s not the modern soul vibe and theme of the album isn’t for everyone, it personally appeals to me ’cause although I’m only 20 I have a heavy appetite for the element of music used on Melanie’s album 🙂 I love it.

    And it’s weird, ’cause the beginning of the album is filled with strong female empowerent songs like “Give It To Me Right” and “Bang, Bang” but then the middle is where a woman’s heart seems to be injured, and the end is very heavy with songs represenative of a very wounded heart in an unhealthy relationship dynamic.

    If the author thinks “It Kills Me” is controversial, then he/she would faint over the albums closer “Teach Him” where the artists sings about her efforts to Teach a man not to lie and basically treat her right and how no matter how much he hurt her she was gonna stand by his side and basically do the job his momma should have done until he “hopefully changes his way of life”. It’s a beautiful ballad, and while I don’t agree with the priciples of the song, because I don’t believe a woman should waste her time trying to teach a man the basics of how to be good to her, (this is different than “training” an already good man who treats you well to treat you better when he might err) I believe it’s the prettiest song on the album.

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