Melanie Fiona to Release Mixtape

Nearly eight months after “Gone and Never Coming Back,” the lead-off single from her sophomore album “The MF Life” was debuted, singer Melanie Fiona is still waiting for her record label to release her new album.

The wait has been so unbearable that Melanie has decided to release a mixtape in the interim, hoping it will boost interest in the album whenever it does come out, as well as keep her name in the minds of the public.

“Like I Love You,” a reggae inspired song that sounds way too much like Rihanna’s “Man Down” for its own good, is the lead single from the aptly titled “The MF Life Mixtape” and can be heard below.

According to Melanie, the song is a return to her West Indian roots and showcases a side to her she hopes fans will embrace.


  1. Yes it does sound a lil like “Man Down”. With that said it’s alright.

  2. Well West Indian artists tend to jump on the same beats/riddims of the season. Reggae, dancehall, soca etc you’ll rarely find a riddim exclusive to one artist. It’s about the riddim first, the song second and then the artist.

  3. This sounds great. Melanie (also known as Syren Hall) has done a lot of other West Indian style songs, check out “Somebody Come get me” and “Island Boy”-two of my favorites!

  4. i fucking love it tho! she needs to stick with this her voice is so incredibly beautiful!

  5. @THECOMPLEX, please please don’t say Rihanna is the first artist to use this background. I heard this kind of music for years. It’s just a Caribbean sound that you can almost find in every artists from those islands.

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