Melanie Fiona- No One Hit Wonder

Despite a set of great pipes and a certified hit under her belt (It Kills Me); singer Melanie Fiona is finding it hard to recreate her initial success. The 27 year old Canadian songbird recently released “Gone and Never Coming Back,” the lead-off single from her upcoming sophomore album “The MF Life,” to much fanfare, but little else. Though great reviews of the single have been many, the song has stalled on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Song charts, peaking at #38 after 14 weeks of being in release.

Speaking to Billboard about the status of her new single and not wanting to be labeled a one hit wonder, Melanie says: “People are always like, ‘Well, what is she doing to do next?’ and it’s tough when you hear people saying, ‘Well, she’s probably just a one-hit wonder.’ The longer you take to come back, the more you hear that, and you want to stand up with a megaphone and say, ‘I’m not dead! I’m coming back!’ But I feel a lot stronger. I’ve been doing some great writing, and I do feel my fans are loyal and genuine and they’re definitely in it for the music. I feel like as long as I stick to the motto of making good music, I’m sure I’ll have some faithful followers.”

Melanie’s single and video can both be purchased on iTunes. As for “The MF Life,” Melanie admits the single was rushed out before the album was completed, but says the process of narrowing down just the right songs to include on the project, is what has held up the album’s release.

So when will “The MF Life” finally hit record stores shelves? Only “sometime this summer” is the answer Melanie could come up with.


  1. I think Melanie is ok she has a great voice, she is truly a vocalist, but she’s very…boring as an artist. She needs some ummph.

  2. I love Melanie…I kinda agree with John… the “ummph” is that she’s not overly sexual, controversial, theatrical and as consumers we’ve become conditioned…Jennifer Hudson can stand and sing and belt…but, she had the IDOL machine, the Dreamgirls film and an Oscar, acting roles, an unthinkable tragedy and now weight loss that has kept her present…Melanie needs to do a reality tv program…or host her own talk show…people need to see her personality and connect to her as a personality over being a singer…this is how music is sold today in not all, but most cases…we have become momentum junkies, through our over consumption of meteoric media…everything is fast and furious…Melanie just has to stay on her grind…if Jill Scott came out last year or so, I’m sure she would be in a similar place…it’s what excites us…what we all have been forced fed black or white…this is the backlash of the all the super rapid overnight sensation in a reality tv world…she’s has to find a way to shake it up!

  3. I agree she is kind of a boring artist. Also her music is all over the place to me. Beautiful voice though.

  4. she truly has evolved because i truly despised her first album (pinning over a man that treats her bad, not a message i want to hear or sing along to)

    but vocally, im loving her new single…hoping its a taste of whats to come in the new album

    good for her!

  5. CYNTHINIA- Even though you are somewhat correct, I meant she needs to not just sing but show some emotion, tell a story, etc. If you’re just gonna sing you betta make sure you have a Whitney(prime), Mariah(prime), Celine etc. type voice because people(like me) get bored.

  6. I still dont understand why,people were so offended by “it kills me”. I mean its not like she was the first person to sing about that subject ( and she wont be the last). Also there are plenty of women that have been in that situation. Sometimes people can be so sensitive

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