Melanie Fiona Kills It On 106 & Park

Melanie Fiona so reminds me of the female R n’ B singers who came to prominense in the early 90s- especially Deborah Cox. Melanie makes the kind of soul music that makes you wanna slap your man for doing wrong and then make love to him afterwards. This girl is so good and yet so bad. She can sing her behind off. Give her a mic and she will blow the roof off the place. Here Melanie is below killin’ it on 106 & Park with her hit single “It Kills Me.”


  1. Not only can she sing but the music is actually good. Having a great voice but no good songs to show it off with is useless. Melanie has it all and her whole album is good. Morning Morning is my favorite song. Maybe she will get the attention she deserves if she gets naked or steals somebody man.

  2. Lol @ Dana…so true…thats about what it comes down to nowadays….

  3. Love her. Viewed her on Youtube. Her voice and performance style is just sick. She is THE TRUTH and I hope she blows up. Now, to get her album asap! LOL forgot it came out recently 😉

  4. Yes she is the best!!!!!! O-M-G I watch all of her videos on youtube, she is so pretty and very natural

  5. If she could sing this on the of AMAs and radio support…this could be a hot song on pop and rnb charts…such a great song, voice, performance, clothes on…a true ARTIST!!!…She does remind you of Deborah Cox, both Canandians too…a duet with the two would be hot…two very passionate singers!

    I hope we all buy her CD, she’s really worth the money!

    Go Melanie!!!

  6. She’s the best live performer I’ve honestly ever really seen other than Aretha and Tina her YouTube prowess is what brought me up on game to Melanie Fiona and she’s just got it all…talent, beauty, grace, REALNESS in an industry that’s oh so fraudulent…I mean, as long as she just continues to make the music that moves your soul, that REAL R&B music that’s sadly so hard to find in today’s musical mess of autotune and the RiHannas and Beyonce’s of the world…not saying antything negative about Ri and Bey but let’s face it, they’re over marketing is what sells them records more than their music alone. WIth the voice the Mel has she can continue to make music the rest of her life off of live performances alone like the Rolling Stones and other caucasian acts do. I wish Miss. Fiona much success and I can’t wait to buy the album 🙂

  7. MMMMMM this my first time hearing of her and she sounds amazing. I really like this song. This is music we missing for real.

  8. Melanie can really blow and her runs are rediculous! She will make it in the industry, she has a hit song right now its really just about her management can they book her on award shows, appearances etc. I hope so.

  9. lawd.. this girl is SICK!!! I’ve heard much of her music and i’m going home tonight to buy the damn album. this girl has some LUNGS on her. she’s got the look AND the talent? these other “singers” better watch it. she’s coming for them…

  10. She’s amazing man. She DELIVERS live. I’ve been digging her style since I her heard Give It To Me Right. I want to hear much much more from Melanie.

  11. The best way for her to blow up is for all of you that says you like her and she has talent is to go and actually buy the cd. Regardless of everything else a person blows up when someone purchase their cd’s. That is how Rhianna blew up someone actually bought her music.

  12. Favorite new artist! I felt every word of this song! Im so happy for her and I will support her! What music has been missing!

    Check out my blog!

  13. @BEE- that’s SO true so many people SAY things but doesn’t DO them. (including me at times)

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