Melanie Fiona Rocks Mo’nique

Melanie Fiona celebrated word of her first Grammy nomination with a performance of her hit single “It Kills Me,” on the Monique Show. The Canadian songbird nabbed her solo nomination for Best Female R n’ B Vocal Performance and will be competing against Beyonce (Single Ladies), Lalah Hathaway ( That Was Then), Ledisi (Goin’ Thru Changes) and Jazmine Sullivan ( Lions, Tigers & Bears).


  1. I saw it when it aired and she had a great performance. That’s a hard one for the grammy but i Would give it to Jazmine she had a great last two years and I think she deserves it.
    P.S. I love Monique big sexy self and her show is REAL

  2. I saw her performance on there and she did a great job! I love her and Jazmine Sullivan. Wonderful voices under-rated artist.

    Jazmine’s CD has a lot of soul for her to be such a young person.

    I wish all of the nominee’s the best of luck!

    <3 Peace

  3. I thought Mel sounded okay, not great. I wish her much success though, although I doubt she will win.

  4. I agree that she is under-rated but she is just starting out on the US scene so she has time. If the Grammy commitee keeps it real then Jazmine or her should win since the category is based on vocals and their songs are the strongest vocally. Before people go crazy, I’m not saying Beyonce can’t sing just that Single Ladies isn’t that vocally challenging. Who knows with the Grammy’s????

  5. I agree with Koko and I have listened to all of the songs nominated and by far It Kills Me is the strongest vocally. This girl can sing her a$$ off and for a newcomer, she has a long way to go. She has my vote hands down.

  6. Talented. I wish her well too. Jazmine Sullivan’s album still gets a fair amount of play. Love it!

  7. NO ONE touches Lalah Hathaway {in my heart} ;-)but I really like all the other contenders.

  8. I think this artist has a voice on her. The Canadian artist are coming up..I hope she nabs the award.

  9. i think it is about time we hear some real singing again…. she will blow artist like beyonce out the water, she has not only beauty but she has a voice do kill for… unlike these little artist majority of them are all about sex and looks…. u have my vote boo..

  10. The real singers are definitely coming back. So tired of the candy-pop girls getting by with swaying their hips and tacky chorus lines. I am really waiting on Monica’s new album. I definitely am loving Jazmine Sullivan (soulful saw her live). Ledisi is serious (saw her live too).

    I sure wish Lauryn Hill would come back to the game. Fantasia….come come chick. Where is that soul?

  11. To Natalie: I sure hope so! I agree with you 150%. I am tired of the “candy-pop” girls popping their coochies and shaking their weaves. They all sound alike to me, except for Jennifer Hudson, Jasmine Sul, and Angie Stone. Angie Stone needs to come back, so does Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight, etc. Sistahs who can really put it down.

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