Melanie Fiona Subway Series (NYC)

Newcomer Melanie Fiona seeks to bridge the various genres of music in her awesome Subway Series performances. After hitting up New York, the singer and her camera crew went back to the singer’s native Canada to do it one mo’ time.


  1. she has amazing talent! I admit I kinda slept on her as an artist but I saw a comment on another topic talking about people holding it down for true R&B and somebody mentioned her name so I Youtubed her and fell in LOVE! Goodness, after seeing this vid on top of everything else I’m just READY…it’s so rare to find someone who can PERFORM as well as sing. And she’s beautiful to match. I hope God blesses her with an awesome career 🙂

  2. Her new album is pure FIYAH!!! Love it! She’s very talented and deserves recognition

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